Wednesday, August 9, 2006


Praise the Lord! Thank God!

We just got home from my friend Sarah Lee's house.

Let me tell you what happened while we were there...
I have been trying sooo hard to get Marissa to potty train, but to no avail. She wears pull-ups all day long, but she has basically replaced them for diapers. Every once in a while she wants to wear panties all day long, in which case, she will go through at least 10 pairs a day, just going in them.
This is just regular unmotivated potty training bull caca, right.
So, today she decided to put on a pair of pants and go commando...and we left to go to Sarah's house. We were there for about 75 minutes, and I finally asked her if she wanted to put on a pull-ups or go pee in the potty [everytime I ask her this question, she opts to go to the potty, but never actually pees]...We go to the bathroom, and she sits down, and she pees.
Thank the good Lord above, she peed in the potty! I feel like we have made a serious breakthrough! Now I guess I have to go buy her a potty that plays music and sings potty songs, just like the one at Sarah lee's house. I think it will be $20 well spent, though!

I am sooo proud of my baby girl right now!

Yay, Marissa! I love her!

OK, so I know that everyone that reads this blog is not going to have something to say, but those of you with kids, please feel free to leave some potty training success stories. Leave comments, cause I love comments, thanks beaches.


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