Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Fire Sucks!

Mr. F is such a dork. He may or may not have started a small kitchen fire in the apartment in Salinas. He moved a pan on the stove (dirty pan with grease in it), then he went down to the office to talk to the apartment manager about fixing their dryer. When he came back to the apartment the smoke alarm was going off and the range hood was on fire, as was the dirty pan. The wall behind the stove is charred from smoke.

They have no renter's insurance, and I am not sure that they need it in this case, but getting it should be pretty high on G's (his roomie) priority list now.


Speaking of fire...my family in San Diego is safe from the fires for now. Thank God! I talked to my Aunt and my brother yesterday, and the fires are North of them with the winds blowing North East, and South of them, with winds blowing those fires South West. They live in La Mesa. I also have an Aunt and Uncle that live in Temecula, and they, too, are safe from the fires. The fire that is close to them is in Ontario, but that is pretty far North, so hopefully my family will remain unaffected. It is crazy and freaky. My brother can not go to work for now, because the 56 is closed at the 15, and since he lives in La Mesa and works in Escondido, there is just no route to get him there. It is all pretty freaky. I really hope that they can get these fires out real soon. There is such a great amount of loss already!!!

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