Saturday, November 3, 2007

How Irresponsible...

How could I have possibly put something off for so long? Who knows. We moved back up to Sacramento March 12th of this year, and guess what I forgot to do. I will give you a pertains to something coming up really, really soon...Yup. That is right. I forgot to register to vote in Sacramento County. Soooo I get no say in who I want to be our elected officials. My voice will not be heard. I am completely bummed out about this. Completely.
Come to think of it; I have not heard a lot about campaigns or anything. Is the voting going to happen NEXT NOVEMBER???? Maybe I am not so bummed out after all. Maybe I am happy that I realized this now, in the middle of writing this blog (which, no, I am not going to delete, just because it is invalid).
I am so excited that I get to make myself look like a complete ass by posting this.

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