Wednesday, November 7, 2007

I Hate Your Tahoe

OK, sooo...when Mr. F went back to work last Tuesday (8 days ago) he decided that he would rather take my car, to save on gas.
I drive a Toyota Matrix. I love, love, love my car. It is cute, compact so I can actually gauge where I am on the road, and it gets super good gas mileage. On the freeways I often get 32 miles to the gallon (yes, I check every time I fill up). City driving I get about 26 MPG.
What does Mr. F drive, you ask? A Chevrolet Tahoe. Beeejeezuzz. It is ginormous. He loves his man truck as much or more than I love my little Matrix. It is personal preference. His and mine. I took Homer to school one day a few months back, in the Tahoe, and since this vehicle is so freakishly over-sized I hit a couple garbage cans. Seriously. I hate driving this man thing. It is driving me crazy.
OK, so I watch a lot of TV, and on NBC it is Green Week. I feel like a complete ass hole driving around in this completely un-Earth-friendly thing. Not just because it is green week.
My favorite (haha) part about the Tahoe...I have put $103.03 in the tank in only eight days. Are you friggin kidding me. This is ridiculous. I want my Matrix back. I have never really paid attention to the price of gas until this morning when I went to the gas station and the price had jumped ten cents overnight. For some reason it just makes a difference in the beast monster man machine. I think it gets maybe 15 MPG. Maybe. I have not filled up the tank to find out, because once the pump hits $35 I start freaking out and I get all "Sticker Shock" and I only end up getting a half tank of gas. Lame. I just want my Matrix back.

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