Thursday, November 22, 2007

One Big Cliche Blog!

Happy Thanksgiving.
Today we spent the day at my Mom and Step-dad's house, feasting, playing, and being generally lazy. It was a good day. Four out of the six of us kids were there, and the two adult kids that have been unofficially adopted into the fam were also there. I wish Mr. F could have been here to share it with us, but in his line of work, they can not just shut down shop for the holidays. I also really wish my brother, Al, could have been there, but he lives in San Diego, so it was not to be. He always makes boring family stuff way funnier.
I figured I should just take a break to recognize all of things I am thankful for.
There is so much, so I will try to keep it brief, and most of it sounds so cliche anyways.
Basically I am thankful for everything that I have.
I have a wonderful husband that I love so much, and together we have two fabulous kiddies.
I have my health. Mr. F has his health. Our children are beautiful, healthy little wonderful people.
Mr. F has a good job, so that we never have to go without.
We finally bought a house this year.
We have lots (seriously) of great friends and family.
Speaking of family, I finally got to meet my nephew for the first time today. He is two. They live in Mississippi, so they don't come out here often, and vice versa. He is the cutest, sweetest little country boy. He already has one of those deep south dirty accents. It is so cute.
Here are some pictures of the kids together:

They were so excited to finally meet "Baby Gabbin"

Silly Cousins:)

Scary Homer!!!!

With the tryptophan high. Ahhh, post-dinner lazies.

I am off to go lay in front of the boob tube now.

I hope everyone had a safe and pleasant turkey day.

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