Monday, November 5, 2007

What A Morning!

"Mommy, my tummy is growling."
"Do you want some cereal?"
"Do you want some eggs?"
"Do you want some toast?"
I made toast.
"Mommy, my tummy is growling."
"Eat your toast."
"I have to go poop."
"OK, go poop."
"Kids, lets go to school"
We go, drop Homer off at school, and head off to take the little one to preschool.
Not two blocks away from her school and I hear a swishing sound coming from right behind me. I think to myself..."Hmmm, I did not know there was anything to drink back there".
There wasn't.
Like a madwoman, I cross over two lanes of traffic, and jam into the parking lot at Valero, swoop into a parking spot, swing open my door, then swing open her door, just in time for the third round of puke to hit the inside of the Tahoe door. (I know that you would have thought it was wayyyyy funnier if I had said that the puke hit me.)
Anywayyyyys, that is my morning so far. This all happened before 8:30am, and now I am off to sanitize the Tahoe.
Wish me luck.
I friggin hate throw up. Cleaning it out at the gas station almost made me vomit, too.
I bet her tummy isn't growling anymore!!!

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