Saturday, December 29, 2007

Snow Day

We woke up nice and early this morning, but not too early, because alas, it is not Christmas morning. We gathered together every warm article of clothing we could find and we layered them all on our bodies and headed out to the snow park at Yuba Gap. Actually, we headed to my Mom's house first to peel my youngest brother away from his new Xbox 360.

When you live in California snow is a destination, not just a walk to the front door. Actually, Californians are probably pretty stupid about snow, we throw snowballs, probably because that is what we have seen people in Utah do on TV. We also make snow angels. And we sled. I wonder if people that actually live in snowy climates really do that kind of stuff. The novelty must wear off eventually, right?? The worst thing about California snow is the people who drive in it. I am not even going to go on and on about that, but I probably could if I tried.

We had hella fun playing on the mountains for a couple hours, then we went back to the truck because the little girl child was coughing and I did not want her to get sicker than she already has been. When we got to the truck the boys went to a regular park type place and played in some snow that you could sink right into and the girl got all whiny and changed out of her snow clothes and sat quietly in the warm truck playing her Leapster. We let the boys play for about an hour, then we headed out to go back home.

I posted last week about taking the family off of fast food, and up until today I was doing really good, but it is hard to eat at home when you are a hundred miles away from there, so we ate out today. Pooh. Exceptions must be made sometimes, though, so what can I say?

Here are some photos...

Daddy/Daughter Flying Duo

Building a misshapen snow-[man]thing

Homer and his uncle wrasslin in the snow

This pic is totally blog-worthy, just cock your head to the left to see that my little step-brother made us pull over to take a picture of him. 15 year olds rock!
I am pretty sure he wants to put this on his myspace:)

The kids in front of the lodge

The Anti-Glove-Child

I hit my head pretty hard right here, luckily husband got a pic:)

I was playing off the fact that it was painful

My little man can fly!!!

Friday, December 28, 2007

I am Awesome!

After only four days of training I got my Brain Age to equal my actual age. Exciting, yes?
I think so, especially since my age started out in its' sixties. This morning I feel like I conquered the world with an age of actual age.

I am going to go celebrate with a cup of coffee.

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Drama Free!

Nothing exciting to report from the rest of Christmas day.
Everyone was well behaved and there was no drama.
We had a nice time at my mom's house, opened tons of gifts, and ate hella suzy wongs.
Then we went to husby's sissy's house, where there was about twice the amount of people I expected, luckily I brought enough dinner rolls and pie to feed an army. Husby's mom was there, looking sober and sane. That was refreshing. She got to see her grandkids for the first time in over three years, and she even offered to Nanny them if I decide to go back to work. Ummm, yeah, we'll see.
I sent the fam upstairs to go to bed. Everyone is exhausted. I am too, but I am aching to play some more "Brain Age" on the DS, so off I go.

Merry Christmas!

My bed is SCREAMING out to me. It misses me. We only spent about five hours together last night.

Kids are so cute on Christmas. Who could deny them? They were jumping on us at 5:05 am telling us that Santa came. He left a note. And toys in their stockings. And presents. Get up. Get up.

The kids are pretty stoked about their load of booty. More excited than my kids though, is the Mister. Jeez. Like a child. I knew exactly what he has been wanting, and I made him wait for a few years to get it, so that the anticipation would build. It worked. When he opened his kitchen his face lit up. I would brag about how the kids face lit up with excitement, too, but that happened with every gift!! I am pretty excited, too. Guess what I got...something I have been wanting since my five year wedding anniversary, so it, like Mr. F's gift, has been a long time coming. I got new silverware. Yessssssss!!!
The kids favorite gifts so far are their Leapster's. The rest of my fam is in my living room playing their hand held games, Mr. F is playing the Brain Age game he got from Santa on his DS, and I am wasting time blogging about it when I could be napping.

Kids playing their new games

My new silverware. Love.

The Granddaddy of all Camping Kitchens.
Yessir. It is freakishly huge.
We are going to be the envy of campers far and wide.

I think we have almost everything out of its original packaging by now, but it definitely took some creativity to get things opened. My husby broke a knife, his favorite knife actually, trying to open a child's camera. Holy frick, he is pretty sad about that knife!!!
Using a screwdriver (it got stuck)

Using his favorite knife (it broke)

We are going to my Mom's house to open gifts and gorge ourselves on "Suzy Wongs" aka pigs in a blanket, then we are going to my sis-in-law's house out in the boondocks. Mr. F's crazy mom is going to be there, so I am sure I am going to be blogging more about Christmas later:) You wish I was kidding. So do I.

Merry Christmas!!!

Saturday, December 22, 2007

Dear Husband

Dear sweet hunk of a man,

You know I love you so much. Apparently there is something you know about me that I did not even know about myself--how much I love doing laundry.

You are the most thoughtfulest (yes, that is a word) person on earth. When you emptied your suitcases full of clean laundry into the dirty clothes basket, I mean, really, you have no idea how fucking happy you made me.

I can hardly wait for you to move home on Monday. Hopefully you will do silly shit like that all the time. It gives me butterflies.


I gotta to switch laundry from wash to dry now:)

Thursday, December 20, 2007


My Mom tricked me into eating peas for dinner tonight. Not that I did not see them or anything, but it is hard to pick the little buggers out of ground beef. They are squishy, so it is basically pointless. Peas are gross, but I could not really taste them, and the texture did not bother me, since, like I said, they were blended in with the beef.

I am taking my family off of fast food. Yep, I said it. Hopefully I can successfully accomplish it. We eat out. A lot. We need to quit. So. Today we are no longer on fast food. When my kids ask what is for lunch I am going to make sandwiches or soup or something, not hop in the car and hit the drive through. Dinner is way harder. I do not mind cooking, but my kids are big whiners when it comes to anything I make. I guess I have just been taking the easy way out since Mr. F is not here full time. It is time for me to stand firm and tell them to eat or go to bed. Anyways I feel like such a bad mom admitting all this, but I am doing it in hopes that it will convince me to quit teaching my children these nasty eating habits.

Wish me luck, pray for me...Send some easy recipes my way...advice...

Monday, December 17, 2007

Nose Hairs and a Tale of Drunkenness

Do you think that the smell of vomit gets burned into your nose hairs?

I went to a party last night. Nope, not a rager with people my age and stuff. An adult party. At my BFF's Mom's house. It was a nice get together with extended family and an ornament exchange. Good times were had by all. Especially me.

I was friggin wasted when we left. What was I drinking, you ask? Nope, not my normal night of just beer. I was mixing White Russians. You know, Khalua, Vodka, and milk. Good stuff. Not so good coming up. Not that I remember that part much, but, hey, I did still taste it this morning, so I know it must have been an awful something last night as I was leaning over the edge of my bed puking into a garbage can.

Speaking of not remembering things...I have no recollection of the ride to my Mom's, being at my Mom's to get the kids, the ride home from there, or even after we got home. Apparently I was trying to get Josh to let us open presents. That is soooooo odd, since it is usually Josh doing that and I am always super disciplined in saying No. And he said I was trying to get him to let us open our Christmas Eve Jammies. How stupid am I? They aren't even wrapped yet. Hmmm...

Now that I think about it, the awful smell went away after I brushed my teeth. Must have been a smell/taste in my mouth. Probably not the nose hairs.

OK, I am off to make cookies for my little man's presentation at school tomorrow.

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Kids In The Dog House!!!

I was watching the kids for a bit while A went to the store. These kids are all freakishly cute. Two of them are mine, two of them are hers. Her little man did it first and as soon as I busted out the camera phone the other kiddies followed suit.

My kid

Our two girls

A's Little Man.

Sunday, December 9, 2007

Yay Homer!

Another shining moment in my life today.
I helped Homer learn to ride his bike without the aid of his training wheels.
Yay Homer!!!
I did not have my camera on hand at the exact moment, but as soon as I remembered that this is a really big deal I ran in the house and got it. So here is some video from about five minutes after his first bike ride:
P.S. Forgive me. I have no idea how to remove the youtube video, so this post looks like crud.

Saturday, December 8, 2007

Five Year Old Funnies

Yesterday Homer asked for a PSP for Christmas.
Here is how the conversation went:

Homer: Momma, can I get a PSP for Christmas?

Me: Ummm, no, because when you and your Dad sit around playing video games then no one listens to me.

Homer: Oh. Well, we are guys. That is what we do.

WTF?? He is five. The fact that he already understands this amazes me.

Another funny thing from yesterday:

I was at Homer's school to pick him up from Kindergarten and I poked my head in the cafeteria in time to see him emptying the orange peel out of his lunch box. What happened next made me giggle a little. One of his classmates came up and stood next to him at the garbage can and when Homer was done doing what he was doing they swapped food. It looked like a drug deal in progress, that is how sly it was. Homer got a new cookie and his homie got a bag of goldfish crackers. Both boys looked like they had just made the score of the century.

Should I be scared that he may grow up and continue on with this lifestyle?

Friday, December 7, 2007

Why Not Me?

OK, sooooo. Here's the deal. Today I took the kids to the Downtown Plaza, mostly to get out of the house, but I was also looking for these cool hoodies for my 15 year old brother and one for Mr. F's 15 year old brother. I did not find them, so the kids and I just wandered aimlessly around the mall for a couple hours.

We went to the food court and got some grub. When we came out we smelled something so awful, quite like an ashtray was on fire. Anyone who smokes and does not empty their ashtray regularly should know what I speak of. It was a horrible stench.
Anyhoooo...we went about our business and finally made our way to the escalator to go down to our car, however the escalator was closed and the security was under strict instruction by the Fire Department not to let anyone down into the parking garage. People around me were getting so pissy. Apparently there was a three-car fire down there. Everyone was worried that their car had caught fire, blah, blah, blah. I turned to one lady and told her the truth. Ready? Here it comes. I wish it was my car that caught on fire, it is insured and I am ready for a new car, but I am upside-down in it. You know what I mean- I owe more than it is worth. No. I did not tell her ALL of that. Just the first part where I said I hope it is my car, hehe.

Well, when we were finally allowed to go down in to the garage to retrieve our vehicles I found that my car was there, still intact. Bummer. Why couldn't I have parked one row over...where the fire actually was? Then I could be going out tomorrow to look at the Dodge Grand Caravan or Chrysler Town and Country that I want so desperately.

Why??? Why was it not me???

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

What is a Cyber-Hero?

I am back on the desktop computer.

Strangely enough (although highly expected), when Mr. F got home and turned on the computer nothing too out of the ordinary happened. It did shut itself off once. And random windows were opening and closing, but he did not experience the blue screen. Yes, that made me feel crazy, as if perhaps I had made it up. Liar, liar, pants on fire...something like that. Not that he thought I made the whole thing up, he saw it do all the other creepy stuff, so I am pretty sure he believed me. I could not stop talking about it though, as if maybe I was lying, I kept going on and on about what happened when I turned on the computer. Blah, blah, blah, that is a direct quote of the words that were coming out of my mouth:)

Yesterday we went to Best Buy and bought an external hard drive, backed up all of the files, and now my mind is at peace.

Yay. Husband, you are my cyber-hero.

Saturday, December 1, 2007

Best Day Ever

Yep, that is right. I had the best birthday EVER. I was kinda kidding in my earlier blog when I said "What better way to spend your 29th birthday than at the happiest place on Earth" or whatever I said. But seriously. It was the best birthday ever.

My brother met us at our hotel and from there we went to Disneyland, where the resort was all decked out for the holidays. When we got to the park we found out that Mr.F got a huge discount for us all on our tickets. They are doing a temporary promotion to thank law enforcement and fire for helping with the wildfires in San Diego and LA, and with Mr. F's job, he qualified to get a free 3-day park hopper, and up to six guests got a 3-day park hopper for only $56 each. That was an awesome start to the best day ever.

The lady at the ticket booth told me to go to city hall to get a "Happy Birthday" button. I am not kidding-almost everyone that saw my button said Happy Birthday to me, and I, being the attention whore that I am, loved every second of it. The singing quartet sang (duh!) Happy Birthday to me. Mr. F bought me a hat that was screaming "It's My Birthday-pay attention to me". My little brother bought me five antenna balls that are Mickey Mouse ears in different designs.

My new hat. The candles light up at the press of a button. Yay hat!
My brother, me, the kids, and the husb
The sign says "Happiest Birthday on Earth". It was.
They were singing to me. I loved it!

During the holidays, after the parade and after the fireworks guess what happens? It snows. It is so amazing. I was in pure bliss. Obviously, it is not real snow, it is more like bubbles, but it was freakishly awesome and I was dancing in it:)

In the picture you can not see the snow, so just use your imagination. K thanks.

I have to say, mostly because I have never said it in a blog before, my husband is the funnest person to go to Disneyland with. When everyone is tired and can not find anything to do, he will find something to bring the energy levels back up. That makes me so happy.

Anyways...we went back the next day, sans brother, and I wore my hat and button again, and had a super good time again, which was to be expected. My only complaint about day two at the park is that my feet hurt so bad, I felt like they should have been amputated. Luckily, here I am three days later, and they feel fine, so an amputation is not in the works:)

Sorry this blog is all over the place, I should have written it a few days ago, when things were more fresh in my memory, and I would have, but when I got home from dropping Mr.F off in Salinas I turned on the desktop computer and got online to check my email and I got "the blue screen". It looked like a word-processor type screen and it said something about memory and deleting personal files, so I immediately turned off the computer and forgot to blog while it was still super-fresh in my mind. Luckily, this old laptop still works (which makes me wonder why Mr. F had to have a new one for father's day?????), so I am able to check my email and blog and check my myspace(yes, addict in the house). I am afraid to turn the desktop back on though, I will just wait for the husb to get home from work this weekend so he can back everything up.

Wait, what? That was not about my birthday. Sorry I got off track.

I was checking my email yesterday and noticed that the gift from my mommy had been delivered, so I went next door, and luckily my neighbor had intercepted the package. I promptly took the package home (after talking to my neighbor for 30 minutes), ripped it open and washed my brand new 600-thread count pima cotton sheets. Wow, it felt like I was sleeping in a five star hotel bed last night. Those sheets are super crisp and soft at the same time. I recommend everyone get some. Thank you Mommy for the great gift. I love it, and I know the husb will, too.

OK, I am going to end the blog now, because the more I type, the crazier I think I sound:)