Saturday, December 1, 2007

Best Day Ever

Yep, that is right. I had the best birthday EVER. I was kinda kidding in my earlier blog when I said "What better way to spend your 29th birthday than at the happiest place on Earth" or whatever I said. But seriously. It was the best birthday ever.

My brother met us at our hotel and from there we went to Disneyland, where the resort was all decked out for the holidays. When we got to the park we found out that Mr.F got a huge discount for us all on our tickets. They are doing a temporary promotion to thank law enforcement and fire for helping with the wildfires in San Diego and LA, and with Mr. F's job, he qualified to get a free 3-day park hopper, and up to six guests got a 3-day park hopper for only $56 each. That was an awesome start to the best day ever.

The lady at the ticket booth told me to go to city hall to get a "Happy Birthday" button. I am not kidding-almost everyone that saw my button said Happy Birthday to me, and I, being the attention whore that I am, loved every second of it. The singing quartet sang (duh!) Happy Birthday to me. Mr. F bought me a hat that was screaming "It's My Birthday-pay attention to me". My little brother bought me five antenna balls that are Mickey Mouse ears in different designs.

My new hat. The candles light up at the press of a button. Yay hat!
My brother, me, the kids, and the husb
The sign says "Happiest Birthday on Earth". It was.
They were singing to me. I loved it!

During the holidays, after the parade and after the fireworks guess what happens? It snows. It is so amazing. I was in pure bliss. Obviously, it is not real snow, it is more like bubbles, but it was freakishly awesome and I was dancing in it:)

In the picture you can not see the snow, so just use your imagination. K thanks.

I have to say, mostly because I have never said it in a blog before, my husband is the funnest person to go to Disneyland with. When everyone is tired and can not find anything to do, he will find something to bring the energy levels back up. That makes me so happy.

Anyways...we went back the next day, sans brother, and I wore my hat and button again, and had a super good time again, which was to be expected. My only complaint about day two at the park is that my feet hurt so bad, I felt like they should have been amputated. Luckily, here I am three days later, and they feel fine, so an amputation is not in the works:)

Sorry this blog is all over the place, I should have written it a few days ago, when things were more fresh in my memory, and I would have, but when I got home from dropping Mr.F off in Salinas I turned on the desktop computer and got online to check my email and I got "the blue screen". It looked like a word-processor type screen and it said something about memory and deleting personal files, so I immediately turned off the computer and forgot to blog while it was still super-fresh in my mind. Luckily, this old laptop still works (which makes me wonder why Mr. F had to have a new one for father's day?????), so I am able to check my email and blog and check my myspace(yes, addict in the house). I am afraid to turn the desktop back on though, I will just wait for the husb to get home from work this weekend so he can back everything up.

Wait, what? That was not about my birthday. Sorry I got off track.

I was checking my email yesterday and noticed that the gift from my mommy had been delivered, so I went next door, and luckily my neighbor had intercepted the package. I promptly took the package home (after talking to my neighbor for 30 minutes), ripped it open and washed my brand new 600-thread count pima cotton sheets. Wow, it felt like I was sleeping in a five star hotel bed last night. Those sheets are super crisp and soft at the same time. I recommend everyone get some. Thank you Mommy for the great gift. I love it, and I know the husb will, too.

OK, I am going to end the blog now, because the more I type, the crazier I think I sound:)

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Sounds like you had a great time!!!