Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Drama Free!

Nothing exciting to report from the rest of Christmas day.
Everyone was well behaved and there was no drama.
We had a nice time at my mom's house, opened tons of gifts, and ate hella suzy wongs.
Then we went to husby's sissy's house, where there was about twice the amount of people I expected, luckily I brought enough dinner rolls and pie to feed an army. Husby's mom was there, looking sober and sane. That was refreshing. She got to see her grandkids for the first time in over three years, and she even offered to Nanny them if I decide to go back to work. Ummm, yeah, we'll see.
I sent the fam upstairs to go to bed. Everyone is exhausted. I am too, but I am aching to play some more "Brain Age" on the DS, so off I go.

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