Saturday, December 8, 2007

Five Year Old Funnies

Yesterday Homer asked for a PSP for Christmas.
Here is how the conversation went:

Homer: Momma, can I get a PSP for Christmas?

Me: Ummm, no, because when you and your Dad sit around playing video games then no one listens to me.

Homer: Oh. Well, we are guys. That is what we do.

WTF?? He is five. The fact that he already understands this amazes me.

Another funny thing from yesterday:

I was at Homer's school to pick him up from Kindergarten and I poked my head in the cafeteria in time to see him emptying the orange peel out of his lunch box. What happened next made me giggle a little. One of his classmates came up and stood next to him at the garbage can and when Homer was done doing what he was doing they swapped food. It looked like a drug deal in progress, that is how sly it was. Homer got a new cookie and his homie got a bag of goldfish crackers. Both boys looked like they had just made the score of the century.

Should I be scared that he may grow up and continue on with this lifestyle?

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