Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Merry Christmas!

My bed is SCREAMING out to me. It misses me. We only spent about five hours together last night.

Kids are so cute on Christmas. Who could deny them? They were jumping on us at 5:05 am telling us that Santa came. He left a note. And toys in their stockings. And presents. Get up. Get up.

The kids are pretty stoked about their load of booty. More excited than my kids though, is the Mister. Jeez. Like a child. I knew exactly what he has been wanting, and I made him wait for a few years to get it, so that the anticipation would build. It worked. When he opened his kitchen his face lit up. I would brag about how the kids face lit up with excitement, too, but that happened with every gift!! I am pretty excited, too. Guess what I got...something I have been wanting since my five year wedding anniversary, so it, like Mr. F's gift, has been a long time coming. I got new silverware. Yessssssss!!!
The kids favorite gifts so far are their Leapster's. The rest of my fam is in my living room playing their hand held games, Mr. F is playing the Brain Age game he got from Santa on his DS, and I am wasting time blogging about it when I could be napping.

Kids playing their new games

My new silverware. Love.

The Granddaddy of all Camping Kitchens.
Yessir. It is freakishly huge.
We are going to be the envy of campers far and wide.

I think we have almost everything out of its original packaging by now, but it definitely took some creativity to get things opened. My husby broke a knife, his favorite knife actually, trying to open a child's camera. Holy frick, he is pretty sad about that knife!!!
Using a screwdriver (it got stuck)

Using his favorite knife (it broke)

We are going to my Mom's house to open gifts and gorge ourselves on "Suzy Wongs" aka pigs in a blanket, then we are going to my sis-in-law's house out in the boondocks. Mr. F's crazy mom is going to be there, so I am sure I am going to be blogging more about Christmas later:) You wish I was kidding. So do I.

Merry Christmas!!!

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