Saturday, December 29, 2007

Snow Day

We woke up nice and early this morning, but not too early, because alas, it is not Christmas morning. We gathered together every warm article of clothing we could find and we layered them all on our bodies and headed out to the snow park at Yuba Gap. Actually, we headed to my Mom's house first to peel my youngest brother away from his new Xbox 360.

When you live in California snow is a destination, not just a walk to the front door. Actually, Californians are probably pretty stupid about snow, we throw snowballs, probably because that is what we have seen people in Utah do on TV. We also make snow angels. And we sled. I wonder if people that actually live in snowy climates really do that kind of stuff. The novelty must wear off eventually, right?? The worst thing about California snow is the people who drive in it. I am not even going to go on and on about that, but I probably could if I tried.

We had hella fun playing on the mountains for a couple hours, then we went back to the truck because the little girl child was coughing and I did not want her to get sicker than she already has been. When we got to the truck the boys went to a regular park type place and played in some snow that you could sink right into and the girl got all whiny and changed out of her snow clothes and sat quietly in the warm truck playing her Leapster. We let the boys play for about an hour, then we headed out to go back home.

I posted last week about taking the family off of fast food, and up until today I was doing really good, but it is hard to eat at home when you are a hundred miles away from there, so we ate out today. Pooh. Exceptions must be made sometimes, though, so what can I say?

Here are some photos...

Daddy/Daughter Flying Duo

Building a misshapen snow-[man]thing

Homer and his uncle wrasslin in the snow

This pic is totally blog-worthy, just cock your head to the left to see that my little step-brother made us pull over to take a picture of him. 15 year olds rock!
I am pretty sure he wants to put this on his myspace:)

The kids in front of the lodge

The Anti-Glove-Child

I hit my head pretty hard right here, luckily husband got a pic:)

I was playing off the fact that it was painful

My little man can fly!!!

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mommymommyland said...

yes, we still sled, have snow ball fights and the like, we just do it more often and are better at driving in it!!!