Thursday, December 20, 2007


My Mom tricked me into eating peas for dinner tonight. Not that I did not see them or anything, but it is hard to pick the little buggers out of ground beef. They are squishy, so it is basically pointless. Peas are gross, but I could not really taste them, and the texture did not bother me, since, like I said, they were blended in with the beef.

I am taking my family off of fast food. Yep, I said it. Hopefully I can successfully accomplish it. We eat out. A lot. We need to quit. So. Today we are no longer on fast food. When my kids ask what is for lunch I am going to make sandwiches or soup or something, not hop in the car and hit the drive through. Dinner is way harder. I do not mind cooking, but my kids are big whiners when it comes to anything I make. I guess I have just been taking the easy way out since Mr. F is not here full time. It is time for me to stand firm and tell them to eat or go to bed. Anyways I feel like such a bad mom admitting all this, but I am doing it in hopes that it will convince me to quit teaching my children these nasty eating habits.

Wish me luck, pray for me...Send some easy recipes my way...advice...

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Chaylene said...

We've been McDonald's free (because really, that was the only one we hit up) for almost 6 weeks now.

My girls were addicted to the Happy Meal crack and I decided that even though it was only a once weekly thing, that was still too much.

Oh, and I started reading "Fast Food Nation". That book about put me off meat entirely (and for me, that's saying A LOT).

The whining stopped a couple weeks in and they don't even ask for it anymore.

I had to lay down the law with the GP's as well. Now, as long as none of Mina's classmates has a McD bday party, we'll be in the clear through the summer.

As far as meals they won't complain about... Make sure the kids help you make dinner. It's pretty amazing how that, and a little extra positive reinforcement ("OH, you are such a great chef!"), can get you in the way of some dinner gobbling.

Good luck!