Monday, January 21, 2008


Wow, now that is some mind-numbing activity if I have ever seen it (BINGO).

Saturday my Mom made the mistake of coming over to drop off some presents from her MIL and when she got up to leave the kids made her take them to her house for a sleepover.
My Mom: "OK, bye"
Cal: "Wait, ummm, gramma, can we go to your house?"
My Mom: "No, maybe next weekend."
Cal: "C'mon gramma, please."
Riss: "Yeah, gramma, pleeeeeease."
My Mom: "Just for a little while? Or for a sleepover?"
Kids in unison: "Sleepover!!!!!"
My Mom: " OK, lets go pack your bags."

Haha. I love living close to my Mom. I am not even going to call her a sucker, but she kinda is. I was not going to say no and she knew that, so yeahhhh, I had Saturday evening to myself, as the husb was at work. I diligently did my chores, and even did some extras, yay me. News spread fast that I was home alone and so Jan called me and told me that her and Roch were going to late night bingo, and I had to come, too. Um, uh, ok. I got all my work done, got dressed, and hopped in the truck and headed across town to the bingo hall.

I can think of probably 100 things that would have been more fun than bingo on a Saturday night.
Learning to knit
Sewing every piece of torn anything in this house
Scrubbing the grout in between tiles
Painting my kitchen cupboards
Scrubbing toilets
Poking needles into my eyeballs

We get there and immediately I notice that besides the old ladies, there is middle aged over-weight white trash homeless looking folks with greasy hair, you know, the ones who look like they may have driven their home into the bingo parking lot. Also, there were a few youngin's like us, but they mostly looked like they were looking to win some drug money.
Sooo, we go in, we each buy two packs of cards, $15. Jan and I go in half on a machine that plays 73 cards of bingo for you, all you have to do is enter the numbers, $10. Jan gives me a quick lesson on how to play each game, since it was my first time, and the games begin. It is pretty fast paced for a newcomer like me, so there is not really much time for conversation with my friends, and other people are winning.
How boring is that? I will admit, I probably would not be complaining at all about bingo if I could have got my hands on some of the $250 winnings.
Just kidding, yes I would. That was some seriously mind-numbing activity.
I will not being doing that again for at least a month (Jan is making us go for her birthday. She knows how to par-tayyy), and then NEVER again after that :)

In other news, the husb and I bought the tiles for our tabletop yesterday, since we had some time without the kids. Did I mention we laid in bed until 11 am Sunday morning? Yep. That was nice.

Pictures of the table will be coming probably later this week, but maybe next week (it is going to be rainy all week here). I am so excited to see the end results!

I'm out. We have to go to a birthday party in Marin today. Hay-hay is turning 7 and I need to go Barbie shopping.

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