Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Guess What Today Is

Today is January 30th, and since I quit smoking on the 2nd, that makes today 28 days since my last cigarette. Four whole weeks.

Anyone remember the movie 28 Days with Sandra Bullock...It takes 28 days to quit a habit, or something like that. Well Holy heck, here I am...on day 28. Even I am amazed.

A' and I went out to our annual Christmas dinner and a movie the other night. We saw PS I Love You. It was good. I read the book last year, and cried from the first page to the last page. The same thing happened in the movie, I cried from the opening credits to the closing credits. So did A'. Anywho, at dinner we were talking about not smoking. She said she thinks it is cool to not smoke. I do not know what ever made us think it was cool to smoke, but I had to agree with her. I definitely feel way more cool now that I do not smoke. Way more cool, like perhaps it is what all the cool kids are dong these days. Not smoking. A' is so awesome. She quit smoking last week, too. I am not sure if she did it for me, because of me, or with me, but it is awesome that my bestie does not smoke anymore either. She rocks my socks!!!

Quit smoking. All the cool pre-middle aged people are doing it. It makes you stink. Did I ever tell you that I have my sense of smell and taste back? Well, I do. It is pretty cool. Salsa is spicy again. Even the mild stuff. What can I say, I am a white girl, that stuff burns my mouth. So does buffalo sauce. Ouchy wa-wa.

I guess I am blogging this to pat myself on the back. I feel good, and I think I deserve that.

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Mamikaze said...

You two are awesome! Keep up the good work.