Saturday, January 26, 2008

It Came Out

"Whoahoahoahoa, Momma look, look, look!!!!!" he screams from the living room.

"What is it, son?"

"My tooth came out!!!"

"Is it bleeding?" I ask.

"No, look."

He he he he he he he he he, I am completely hysterical with laughter, as this is probably the most exciting thing to happen in his whole five years. Everything up until now was just leading up to this moment. I am beside myself.

Before, when it was just wiggly

After; I believe I see blood on the top teeth. It is still pretty cool.

The Sacred Lost Tooth

Oh, and a little token of appreciation from his teacher a couple weeks ago.
Cute, huh. He was caught being a good friend. <3


Kris said...

Aw! He is just the cutest!

I remember when Ben lost his first tooth. He's now 7 1/2 and has lost about 7 teeth, and looks like Frankenmouth. :)

Great pics!

minijonb said...

that's cute. i see a visit from the tooth fairy in his future.