Thursday, January 31, 2008

Job Hunting

Job-hunting is awful. It is so embarrassing. It is a bit humbling, too. I walked into a restaurant the other day and was forced to ask a child for an application. A child. OK, she was probably 18, but still.

It has been seven years since the last time I applied for a job. At that time I was childless and able to work any hours, any days, and I was hawt. Yes, I think that matters. First impressions always matter. So I am gluing a smile on my make-up clad face, pretending that I do not know I am fat, and hitting the ground running in this job search.

What am I looking for? I am looking for a get-rich-quick scheme. OK, I am not, but I have to admit, that would be nice to find. Actually I am going to go back to waitressing. The money is good, and scheduling is usually flexible.

I started waiting tables when I was 21 years old and I worked through my entire pregnancy with Cal, usually 40 hours a week, and after I had him I went to part time. There were a few times when I did work full time, but for the most part, it was only a couple days a week. I want to go back to that, without going back to the same restaurant, because that restaurant is all the way across town…about 45 minutes away. Not gonna work for me.

My Mommy came and got the kids today and I went to a couple restaurants in Elk Grove, then I headed Downtown to fill out a couple applications. Downtown there are no awnings on the buildings. It was raining. I was wearing boots with heels. No umbrella. What a friggin nightmare. I went to the Esquire Grill to get an application and the guy at the front told me they were fresh out. Mother effer, I walked two blocks to get there. I am not sure if they were really out of apps, or if me petting my wet-like-a-dog hair and panting frantically (did I mention it was raining? I was running) had anything to do with it. Hmmm. Click the link to see how fancy this place is, especially for how scummy I looked. It's funny. Stupid rain. I hate you. He did tell me to email a resume to the manager. I guess he might have actually realized it was raining outside, too. Seriously though, a resume? I have only ever had menial jobs. What kind of resume can I possibly put together? I guess it is time to bust out the resume book that I bought for a Business class I took in college and get to it.

Side note: I just pulled out a conversation heart from the box that says: E-MAIL ME. That is really profound and loving. And Valentines Day-ish. Haha.

I got that picture here.

Another side note: You should buy a nicotine patch and wear it to bed one night. Just one night. Crazy vivid dreams. I have never dreamed this way before.


Mamikaze said...

Yikes! I have only been out of the job market almost two years and I am afraid to fill out applications.
It's hard enough for me to accept that I am older than Fluffy's Kindergarten teacher. I am not sure I could work for someone fresh out of nursery school.

minijonb said...

I love that picture!!! I may have to borrow it...


The job market scares me... =:-(

...and I quit smoking years ago, so I have no good reason to get all those crazy dreams.