Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Lucky Day!

Yesterday must have been my lucky day. After dropping the kids off at school, the husb and I decided to go to Home Depot. For what? I don't remember. When we got to the entrance we saw a nice looking patio set that was missing the table top. After sitting in the chairs for a few minutes (they were nice and cushy) we mozied around the store for about an hour. We bought a total of nothing and walked outside the store. Again, we sat on the chairs at the patio set, debating whether or not to buy it. It was, after all, missing a table top. We went back inside the store to take a look at all the other outdoor furniture and saw tons of really cute sets, but nothing was under $500, so AGAIN, we went outside and checked out the defected set. We went back in the store and we were immediately approached by someone who works there and he begged us to buy the furniture. He even knocked off another
$25 off the price. Sweet. How could we resist that??? I batted my eyelashes at the husband and he was convinced that it should be ours! Original price at Home Depot $1019 (the guy said $899, which still would have been way too rich for our blood at this time). Final out the door price that we paid:$175. Yessssssss!!!! I feel good about saying that we made a good purchase :) Now we just have to buy a new piece of glass. Either that or we have to lay down some plywood and do some funky mosaic tiling. I can not decide which will work better...but I do know that the tiling will be more fun, and I will be more proud of it. It is cute, huh!

Something fun to do after drinking a few beers with your bestie:
Let your four kids jump on the bed like animals and sing (say) "10 little monkeys jumping on the bed" all the way down to zero monkeys...While the two of you drunk idiots are doing this, do some squats. Oh yeah, my legs are a bit on the shaky side today...Also, the husb was watching this whole Olympic event and informed me later at my mom's house that we skipped the number eight. Whew, if we would have done the number eight I probably would not be able to walk upstairs at all!!!


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Mrs. F said...

OMG, did I just get my first spam comment??? Sweeeet!!!


Mamikaze said...

you scored! that is a nice set.
as for the drunken squats, all I can say is "Danger Will Robinson!"