Friday, January 25, 2008

Whatcha Gonna Do?

Wow. This is exciting. We are all getting money this year. Economic stimulus packages rock, Mr. President.

“The vast majority of taxpayers would receive tax rebates, totaling $600 for individuals and $1,200 for couples, plus another $300 for each child, with no limit on the number of children. Those earning under $75,000 ($150,000 for couples) would receive the full rebates. Rebates would gradually phase out for those earning more than these income limits.

In a big concession to Democrats, the administration agreed to provide rebates to Americans who paid no income tax last year, as long as they earned at least $3,000. But their rebates would only be $300, and double for couples. They also would get another $300 per child.”

If you have not heard about this, read it here, where I stole the above content from.

Looks like we will be getting $1800 come May or June. It is not official, as the husb and I have not yet discussed it, but we will probably be spending our money on this year’s vacation. My single brother in law came over earlier and informed me that he will be buying a flat screen TV. He has talked to other people from his work and that seems to be the general consensus. A flat screen TV. One of my girlfriends said that she is taking her $600 and her boyfriend’s $600 and his son and heading off to Disneyland with another couple and their two kids. Come to think of it, I might want to get new flooring in this house with that money. Or do something else to the house. Hmmm. I guess we will see what the husb will agree with, and what kind of mood we are in when the check actually comes. If it even does come, that is.

If you are not eligible then you make a butt-load of money, and I want to know what you do for a living to make that much money, and I want you to tell me how I can be rich like you. thx.

If you are eligible, what are you going to buy with your share?


Mamikaze said...

I think we'll use ours for vacation. or a car down payment. or medical bills. or a Nintendo Wii.
Not sure this plan is truly going to stimulate the economy. but who am I to turn down free money?

MommyMommy said...

we are going to buy an extra cow!!! I had no idea we would be getting money back!!!

Kris said...

I think I'll join in with the flat-screen TV consensus. If we qualify. My husband's a network manager near Boston. salaries are higher here but so is the cost of living, especially on one income...

Gotta love the extra cash. Enjoy it while there's still a republican in office! ;)