Thursday, February 28, 2008

Swimming in February

The projected high temperature for today is 70 F. I have said repeatedly, daily actually, to my five year old that as soon as it gets to be 70 degrees outside then for sure, I would let him go swimming.

Swimming in February. Should I make good on my promise, or should I make him wait it out until March?

We'll see what I decide. Pictures will be up later if I let him hop in and test the water.

Update: We spent a HUGE portion of our day shopping, and I finally found a black shirt for work at the eighth store, so I HAD to let the poor little guy swim after dragging him (and his sickly sissy) around town all day.

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

You're Like Totally My BFF!!!

I got yo' back girl!

Happy Party Day Hubs!

The hubs birthday party was a success. It was filled with great family, great friends, good food, margaritas, and dozens of jager bombs.

As is the usual, I completely forgot I owned a camera until the end of the night. I did get a picture of him and his cake. I think Amy re-lit the candles three times. I am pretty sure that with each relighting of the candles we sang again. Hey, you only turn thirty once, might as well do it drunk as hell have fun doing it!

It was a rainy day, and my main reservation about having a party in the rain is a little bit silly, but I will tell you anyways-Even though I am no longer a smoker, some of my friends do still smoke and I want them to be comfortable while at my house. We do not have a covered patio out back (yet), so smoke breaks are difficult. I felt a little bad, but the hubs is a genius and he took two of our patio chairs and set them up right outside the front door so that the smokers could have a covered place to smoke. Problem solved. The rain did not really put a damper on the party.

Good friends, good conversation, I think there was even some good wine.

This might sound weird, but I was standing at my kitchen sink looking around at all the people that were there and it made me so happy. I love having people in my home having a good time. I should have parties more often. Ha ha. I doubt that. I get all crazy cleaning the house before the party and then I do not want to clean up after the party. Luckily Linda and Roch helped me load the dishwasher and clean up some of the bottles and cans so that the task was not too daunting on Sunday morning.

At the end of the evening the hubs lived up to his promise---he jumped in the pool. Joey and David jumped in, too, so it was like there was a cool-drunk-guy-fraternity-thing going on. Dudes, it is February for crying out loud. I know you heated the pool, but when you get out your wiener is going to go into hibernation. OK, I am just saying.

I got Linda and Roch to play SingStar with me. Good times. I suck hard when I have had that much to drink. Seriously. Bombed. I should have the girls over more often to sing with me. That would be fun.

Anywho, we all had a good time at the hubs 30th birthday fiesta. The tacos were a huge hit. I have had people calling me asking me for the chicken recipe, and most of the carne asada got gobbled all up during the party.

I am debating whether or not to post up pics of my hubs and Joe and Dave in their underoos. I think it might be a bad idea. Not like any of them are ever going to see this blog, but, you know, if they do...actually, I doubt they will get that mad. Nah, I am not going to do it. Dear reader, just know that here at my home, saved on the hard-drive of my computer, I have pics of three guys wet in their undies. Um, yeah, and I found Dave's undies in my kitchen on Sunday morning.

Enjoy the rest of the pics though (all seven of them...Note to self: You should hire a photographer if you want to actually have photographic evidence of anything)!!!

Work? What Is That?

I am super duper uber excited. I am going out to get myself a black button down shirt. Wanna know why? Wanna? Wanna? Wanna?

Cause I am going to work on Friday night!!! Yuppers, for the first time in over three years I am going to earn some money, while at the same time working with actual real-live adult-type people. Yay!

It is kinda a long story that I am not ready to get into just yet, as to why I am working there, but this Friday I am driving out to Sausalito to get on board of a gigantical yacht that a couple has chartered out for their wedding. it is going to be a gorgeous wedding! Something about getting married on the Bay underneath the Golden Gate bridge just makes my heart full of joy. Ha! I do not know the couple, I am just going there to waitress (or bartend, I have no idea)...but I am so excited!

Can you tell?

Monday, February 25, 2008

Menu Plan Monday

This week is going to be a week of leftovers galore. We made an abundance of slow-cooked pull-apart chicken and carne asada for the taco party on Saturday. When I say abundance, I mean abundance. We probably have enough leftover meat to have another taco party.

My menu plan is going to be pretty simple.

Monday: Leftovers, Tuesday: Leftovers, Wednesday: Leftovers OK, OK, I am kidding. We can’t just have tacos every night. Well, we could, but that lacks creativity, so I am going to figure out something semi-crafty to do every night.

Monday: I think we are going out to dinner tonight to celebrate my hubs birfffdayyy with my famn-damily, since my mom has been sick for the past two weeks, and hence, unavailable.

Tuesday: No joke, chicken and carne asada tacos. For lunch I will be making taquitos with carne asada.

Wednesday: Calzones with chicken substituted in this recipe.

Thursday: Spaghetti with carne asada instead of meatballs. Salad and French bread on the side.

Friday: Chicken noodle soup, made from scratch. No recipe, I am going to wing it. Throw some noodles and chicken in some chicken stock and call it good. Maybe add some corn and green beans for good measure. Serve with Ritz crackers.

Saturday: Falafel pitas. Yummy. My kids will either love them or hate them. I am pretty sure they are going to assume they will hate them, fight me to not eat them, and then end up loving them. Cos’ falafels are yummy-licious.

Sunday: Tacos made with any and all leftover meat. Any meat leftover after this meal is getting thrown out.

For more ideas and to see more participants in Menu Plan Monday, head over to see Laura at I’m an Organizing Junkie.

Happy meal-planning.

Playing with Fire

I woke up yesterday morning with toothpaste on my finger.

I noticed the fireplace was really heating up the house on Saturday night, and since there was enough body heat in there, I wanted it to stop. The only time our gas fireplace emits any heat at all is when the flue is closed. Yes, it makes the house smell like gas, but at least it is a warm gas-scented home.

Want to know what I did? I walked right up to that fireplace and I taught it a lesson. Or maybe it was me that learned a lesson. Yes, it was definitely me. Here goes: You stupid drunken fool, fireplaces emit actual heat, hence the name FIREplace, please do not stick your bare hand in there to try to open the flue while there is a blazing fire going. You are bound to get burned. Stupid, stupid, stupid, dumb drunk dummy!

So, yeah, I put some aloe vera lotion on my finger to try to take away the sting, but that was to no avail. Then someone suggested putting toothpaste on it to take the burn away. It actually worked. Either it worked or I was so drunk that I forgot about the pain. Whatever, at least I was able to move forward with the evening.

I do have a huge blister now, and am having difficulty putting my finger in a straight position.

I drew a happy face on the blister last night as a form of entertainment for little Riss. We were both pretty amused and she said it looked like a talking zit.

It is going to be so disgusting when this thing explodes. So disgusting.

More on the party later, no doubt.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

No Mas

I have been blogging (and reading the blogs of people I have never met, yet feel like I know) too much. There are other things in life to do, and I am taking a week off. I am not going to blog for seven whole days, nor am I going to read any blogs in my google reader (there are about 25 different bloggers that I subscribe to, and that is not including the ones on myspace). I may not even get on myspace for a week, just to try it out.

I have about a hundred things to do before Saturday besides sit on the computer. The house is in need of a good old fashion scrub down.
The lawn needs to be mowed (wish me luck with that one, it is hard to mow wet grass).
The hubs decided he wants a taco and margarita fiesta, so I need to get some ingredients for the tacos. Actually, I have most of the stuff, I just need the carne asada and tortillas, but still, I have shopping to do.
Laundry needs prompt attention.
Seriously, this list could go on and on, but I will stop.

Josh and I got a few minor home improvements done last night, but I am going to have to blog about that later (how it made me feel), as this blog is just supposed to be about not blogging. And the more I blog, the less I am NOT not blogging.

Let's see if I can actually withhold from blogging for that long. I have something important to say about the things we did to the house yesterday, and no doubt will have something to say about the party...This no-blogging mission could be a complete failure. I'll try though. For no reason other than the fact that I need to be more productive.

See ya in a week.
P's out.

*******I reserve the right to post up my menu, as that has been ridiculously helpful to me********

Monday, February 18, 2008

Menu Plan Monday Number Two

I really enjoyed my first menu plan. It made my life so easy, as far as dinner was concerned anyway. I was able to keep to the plan, and that totally amazed me. I am not a good planner, but I love having a plan. I have always loved having a plan for anything, I just rarely follow the plans.

So here I am on Monday morning, already feeling a bit like a failure. I desperately wanted to make the meal-planning a regular part of my life…I have no menu made up.

Actually, I guess I am doing ok. My Mom is taking us out to dinner tonight to celebrate the hubs birthday, so it is not like I am making dinner tonight. Oh poopsticks, my Momma just called and said she is still sick and we will have to go out to dinner another day for hubs.

What to eat? What to eat?

I think I am going to go steal a bunch of recipes from other menu-plan Monday participants. Either they will be flattered or pissed. We’ll see, huh.

Monday: Dinner out with the folks. Yesssssssss.I still have a ton of leftover slow cooked chicken from last week, so I guess we can have chicken tacos tonight. Or enchiladas. Let me go ask the hubs...he said tacos. Tacos it is.

Tuesday: A few weeks ago we went to Costco and I insisted that we buy some salmon. The closest we get to eating fish is those yummy breaded fish thingy’s, so the salmon has sat in the freezer since we brought it home. I found this recipe, and I think I am going to let the hubs try his hand at making a Honey-Dijon Salmon.

Wednesday: I usually make meatloaf by adding ground beef to the Meatloaf seasoning mix, but this week I am going to try Alton Brown’s meatloaf recipe, which I found here.

Thursday: Not-so-fried-but-baked Fried chicken. With mashed potatoes and green beans.

Friday: Chicken noodle soup with sourdough bread. It is supposed to be raining, and I love soup on rainy days…

Saturday: I think I am going to either do pizza or a taco bar for the hubs birthday party, I have yet to decide, but I know that pizza will keep longer, and taste better after it has been sitting out for a while, than taco meat.

Sunday: I think I am going to torture the children with Spaghetti and meatballs tonight, since for some reason Cal thinks this is the dinner from hell. I have no idea why, but sometimes he enjoys it, sometimes he doesn’t. Taking my chances. Or torturing him. We’ll see.

For more Menu Plan Monday Participants and to see some cool Menu ideas visit Laura, The Organizing Junkie

Saturday, February 16, 2008

A Tale Of Diarrhea Of The Mouth

Sometimes stuff just spews out of my mouth before I even get a chance to think about it. It is like diarrhea of the mouth.

Case in point: I went to a small get-together at a new friends’ house earlier today. I was introduced to everyone, including a guy that we will Chris. Actually, I think that might be his real name, so lets call him John. John was social, funny, and nice. We were all drinking liquor, and the hostess was no exception. I had recalled back to the other night when the hostess and I went to dinner with our mutual friend, who we will call Maria, which is really NOT her name…anyways, we were at dinner and Maria asked hostess if she and John were doing anything for V-Day. Hostess told Maria that “No” they were not doing anything, and the two of them should get together and have a pity-party for themselves on V-Day. Let me just tell you that I met hostess once or twice SEVEN years ago, and had not seen her again until we were at dinner with Maria.
Towards the end of the get-together, or actually this could be what ended the gathering, I asked hostess if John is her boyfriend. She turned away with a tear in her eye and told me he is not her boyfriend.

How in the hell was I supposed to know that he is her ex-husband who she still pines over???

Well, as we were parting ways Maria hung back to talk to hostess, asking if she wanted her to stay there with her, trying to clam her down. I walked up to Maria’s brother, fake-named-Sam, and told him that I feel like a giant jerk. He told me not to. On the drive home I received a phone call from Maria telling me that everything was OK, it was not my fault that it ended like that, as hostess was already upset before I even pooped that question out. Maria said it was a perfectly ok question, and hostess would not have gotten so upset, had she not had so much to drink, which truly did make me feel better.

I wonder if hostess still likes me. I wonder if I will ever be invited back to hostesses home (which was absolutely a lovely home by the way)…

Friday, February 15, 2008

There's A Hole In My Ceiling, Dear Liza, Dear Liza

Why is it that when we are so down and out things only get worse. They have to get better and I know this. I have been so self-centered lately; it is all about me, me, and me. I blogged yesterday about feeling like I was in a funk, little did I know that the funk was only a precursor of things to come.

*****Please know that I realize that this is not an Earth-shattering, world-crashing-in-on-me, life-ending, we-are-losing-our-home type of deal, but right now it kinda feels like it.******

I made the husband some brunch a little while ago, and as he sat on the barstool filling out his incident reports and dining on his scrumdiddlyumptious quesadilla, he felt it. The drip. The drip from above. The drip from the ceiling.

Here is how it started: Yesterday I noticed that the toilet in my bathroom was clogged. It was empty, but I did nothing about it Last night I heard Riss telling Cal that something was wrong with my toilet. She was opening and closing the toilet lid, mostly because I think she was scared of the rising waters. I bolted upstairs faster than you can say “Over-flow” and started plunging the toilet. It was no big deal. A few pushes and the water went down and the toilet flushed itself, just like it is supposed to. I went back downstairs and went about my business. When I went upstairs a couple of hours later to start putting laundry away I made a pit stop in my bathroom. I noticed there was a small puddle of water on the floor, but thought nothing of it. I got a towel and mopped it up, then I moved on. When the husband got home he went into the bathroom and did his nightly thing. He came to bed and asked me what happened with the toilet today. I was like, “Huh, whu, uh” and then I told him. He then told me that he had just mopped up a puddle of water surrounding the toilet. I thought it was weird, but did nothing about it…

Fast forward to this morning. We have a leak in our ceiling coming into the kitchen area, in a couple of different spots, saturating the drywall. After hubs felt the drip he ran upstairs to find the source of the water. Apparently the toilet tank is leaking. All I can think is Holy Mary Mother of God, this just happened last night. Should there really be a leak all the way downstairs already? Crapola. Hubs poked a small hole in the ceiling to let the water escape, and I phoned the insurance company.

Yes, we are covered for this. The toilet is not covered, but the water damage is covered by our policy. The downfall? Our deductible is $1000. Yes, one thousand dollars. Goddammit. We are flipping dirt poor right now. Actually we are poorer than dirt right now. We do not have $1000 laying around to pay for the deductible. Trust me, I am kicking myself right now for being a spender instead of a saver, and yes, I know that next chance we get we should set aside a thousand bucks in case anything like this ever happens again.

As for now, this is going to have to be a do-it-yourselfer project.

If bad things come in threes, then here is the third thing that is going wrong: I checked the forecast for the day of the hubs birfffdayyyy partayyyy, and guess what is predicted???? Yup, you are so effing right. Rain. Just great. Rain party’s suck. I hope people still come to the stupid rain party.

OK, so now that I have three bad things, can things start getting better now???

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Birthdays and Valentines and Things I am Not Proud Of

I have been in such a funk for the past few days. It is such an awful, horrible, no-good feeling that I have been experiencing. My kids have been yelled at for (seriously) no reason at all.
My husband actually told me to go back to bed this morning. How pathetic is that when no one in the family wants your negative ass awake? Pretty sad, huh!

I shouldn’t be in a funk, I mean really there is no reason to be all funky like I am. Except the fact that we are dirt poor, and it is the first time in years that we have been so very poor. On the flip side though, I know this will pass. I know that we have money coming in. I know that next month there will be enough money to make up for the money that we do not have right now. I know this. So why am I feeling so down? The weather is beautiful outside. Maybe it is that I kinda wanted to weigh at least a few less pounds than I do, alas, I think I have gained a few pounds (10-ish) in the past month and a half. Like I needed any extra poundage on my already abundant frame.

Yesterday was the hubs birthday. He is 30. The other night we were laying in bed and he turned to me and asked me if I had accomplished everything I wanted to by the time I was 30. The truth is that 30 was not something I ever really thought of as a “goal” or “red-letter” year. For him though, it was a pretty big deal. I asked him if he had accomplished everything he wanted by thirty, and he said yes, with the exception of owning a boat. I think that is pretty awesome. My husband is happy. That makes me pretty happy.

We went out to lunch for his birthday. OMG, we went out to dinner, too, gross, I know, and totally against our household rules, but I digress. We gave him his gift and he loved it. I was especially excited for him to see the box they put it in. It is heart shaped. Ha ha ha. I thought that was hilarious. The people at Macy’s actually think that my husband wanted a heart shaped box. Whatever.


He does like his watch. It is no Rolex, but he likes it still. And we are in no position to be buying Rolex’s. Actually I would have liked to get him a Citizen watch or something else kinda pricey (don’t judge me for that!), but it was not in our budget this year. Maybe for his 40th . Or even for his 35th. Or maybe even next year. We’ll see. Certainly we will never be the kind of people who buy Rolex's, but it is nice to dream every once in a while, no?

I made him a chocolate cake with cream cheese frosting and butterfinger sprinkles on top. Want the recipe?

Buy a box of Betty Crocker and follow the directions. Slap on some frosting (also Betty Crocker). Break a Butterfinger candy bar into a million little pieces and rub it into the frosting. Yup, I am hella gourmet like that. Don’t hate.

Look, the cake is wearing a halo. It must be an angel.

We sang to him:


He blew out the candles:


It was a good birthday. Maybe not as good as mine, but we talked about making his 31st birthday as fantabulous as my 29th birthday was.

Today is Valentine’s Day, and I got the kids some cute little tins with small bags of candy in them.


I got the husb a chocolate fish that says “You’re a Keeper”, which he totally is.


And I got this:


What do you mean you can see nothing. Whiteness. Oh that's right, that is because I got nothing. Whatever.

Since I had fore-casted that that was coming, and I am kinda a little bit of a material girl, I went ahead and bought something for myself yesterday while we were browsing around Best Buy (read: playing all the video games in store) Actually, I am kidding, I bought this so we would have a fun game to play at the hubs party next weekend, but I have been wanting it for a really long time for myself, so I am totally willing to accept this as my V-Day gift, even if I did buy it for myself...

I do not know who the hell was singing in this video. Obviously you tube dubbed over my voice with that of a dying dog when it was being uploaded.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

At The Park


My Little Marathoner

The Archaeologist

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Something I am Not Used To...A Menu

I am so ridiculously new to meal planning. So I figured I would blog about it. Every week. haha. Yessss, you get to read about my weekly feeding times. You are so blessed to be reading this and any future menu blogs of mine.

Here goes...the awesome list of awesome food I am feeding my awesome family this week. Any ideas for future meals will be taken into consideration. If they are too hard I probably won't do them. Nope, I am not lying.

Monday: Weight watchers Stromboli with broccoli on the side

Tuesday: Pull apart chicken tacos filled with lettuce and tomatoes for the veggies

Wednesday: It is the hubs birffffdayyyy, so no doubt we will be eating out!

Thursday: The husb has to work, so it is just the kids and myself for Valentine’s dinner. How ‘bout…homemade pizza cut into heart shapes, with salad on the side

Friday: Baked chicken strips (I use milk instead of dressing and let them dip the strips in Ranch) with red potatoes and broccoli.

Wish me luck on my first week of actually knowing what we are going to eat more than five minutes ahead of time!!!

For more dinner ideas and Menu Plan Monday participants, please visit Laura of I'm an Organizing Junkie

Saturday, February 9, 2008

A Little Piece of Perfection

I get fed up with my children's shenanigans just as much as the next mommy, and sometimes more so. They both know exactly which buttons to push to drive me bananas. But gaddammit, they are so awesome. As I am typing this, my little Riss is brushing my hair, ever so gently, and with uber precise strokes. It is so sweet. At times she tells me she wants to be like her Auntie. Auntie A is a hairstylist. It is precious to see her emulating the people she admires. She stands like I do when I am trying to figure something out, also when I am mad. The more she learns and grows into a little lady, the more I recognize the pieces of me in her. She is an amazingly loving child, some days all she requires of anyone is hugs, kisses, and to be held. Just plain, simple, pure love.
The above is something I must remind myself after almost every feeding time. She gets all jacked up on food like no one I have ever seen before, kinda like we fed her crack for dinner. It is crazy.
I love her, but sometimes I don't wanna feed her.
Speaking of her and food...
Yesterday I caught this on camera.
Me: Whatcha doin'?
Her: I gotta drink all the water out of here!
Me: Huh? Who opened that for you?
Her: Me. I need to drink the water outta here.

I love pineapple juice, so does the husb, so it is no wonder that our kids do, too, but I had never seen anything like this before.

You see that pink button at the top-right corner of my page? Yeah, I think I might have actually earned that title today.

The husb called on his way to work and told me that he may need me to bring his "other class uniform" to him, but not until he got a call for over time. If he works his overtime at the hospital he is required to wear his fancy schamncy uniform, so I told him I would happily oblige.
As I was posting the above picture onto this blog I got the call. I hurriedly got the children dressed in warmer pajammies, grabbed their Leapsters, and we bounced like Tigger. It took 50 minutes to get there, and I raced the whole way, mostly because he said he would be getting off a bit early, and also because I wanted to see how fast I could make it there. Safely, of course. I figured out something special as I was sitting in the Tahoe waiting for him to get off (late, of course, it figures, huh!)...After 20 minutes of the car being off, the radio finally goes off, too. I guess I always thought it would stay on forever, as long as the doors were never opened. More useless information that I will no doubt remember forever.

Finally he rushes out to meet me, grabs the clothes from me, thrusts them in the back of my car (which he drives to work, to save gas, but that went out the window today when I had to drive the gas-guzzling Tahoe there, too), and I look at him and notice he does not have his stuff with him.

Me:Where's all your stuff?
Husb: Uh, yeah, I may not even be going to the hospital tonight. I am caught up in an incident right now.
Me: Oh, that's ok. (inside I was dying to kick him in the chins)
Husb: Uh, but I might still go there. Thank you. You're awesome.
Me: I know.

I kiss him, he walks to open Cal's door to say hi, but I inform him that they are both sleeping, so he doesn't do it. I give him another kiss and he looks down at himself and his uniform and mutters something unintelligible. When I ask him what he said he tells me "I am dirty". Great, no seriously, I wanted to be exposed to OC gas tonight, really, I did. I tell him I love him and send him on his way. I can tell by the look on his face that not only does he feel pretty bad, but he is grateful. I love when he gets that look. I heart him, fully.

So, I kinda think that was me earning my wifey badge for the day, you know what with the whole 115-mile round trip drive when the kids are supposed to be in bed, just to bring him a uniform he may or may not need.

Friday, February 8, 2008

That Sucks

I write some freakishly awesome blogs. In my head. When I am laying down falling asleep. They never make it to the computer, because they are always forgotten in the middle of the night. It sucks. I am going to start sleeping with a steno pad and a pencil tucked under my pillow. Also, maybe I will start walking around with a mini-steno in my back pocket in case I ever think of something clever and witty to write while I am out and about.

Random Photo: Halloween 2007
Cal trying to get a donut at school

Thursday, February 7, 2008

It Should Be Spring Already

You know that feeling you get when your pants rub against your calves after you have just shaved your legs for the first time all winter???

I love that feeling.

It is absolutely gorgeous outside and I am wearing capri pants today. Neener, neener, neener. Sorry.

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

30, Really? Already?

The excitement started last year with Amy. She had her thirtieth birthday and now the rest of us are following in her footsteps. All my friends are turning 30 this year. Obviously not all of them, but, you know. Most of them. The hubs will be 30 in exactly one week.

Wow, time flies. That really just kinda snuck up on me.

I was planning to throw him a small get-together next weekend, but I moved it back to the 23rd. It gives me time to actually put together a list of people to invite. Yeah, I am that far behind already. Then I need to send out the evites. Hopefully I can accomplish this daunting task today, seeing as how there is just over two weeks left until the party day.

I have to say, I am very excited. Thirty sounds so cool. It used to sound old, but not anymore. Partying sounds fun, no matter what age is attached to it, so yeah, can't wait for that. I especially love partying at my own home.

Nine months and three weeks till my 30th.

Any party ideas? Anyone? Anything. Cocktails and hors de'oeuvres are a given. Anything else?

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Out And About

Every year Sacramento does a day where a handful of the city's museums are free. Saturday was that day this year. Since the kids wanted to stay the night at my parents house on Friday night, I had to pick them up from there as soon as I remembered that is was fun day. I picked the kids up at about 3 pm-ish and we headed Downtown, and into Old Sac. It was a crummy, wet, cold day, but we had to walk across old town from our parking spot to the train museum. I got a few pictures, and I am glad it was free, because by the time we got in we only had one hour, that and the kids were being whiny about being there (in their defense, it was extremely crowded). Here are some flicks of that:

Today it was absolutely gorgeous outside and I decided to put our annual pass to the Sacramento Zoo to use. First there was whining, as no one felt like getting dressed and going to a mystery spot, but once we got there they had a good time. As always. Here is picture proof:

The slide that they are walking up and down is not really a slide at all. It is made out of concrete. It sucks, but the kids love it. For what, I have no idea. The picture where Cal looks like he is coughing into his hand, he is actually gagging from seeing the chimps booties. Right after that picture was taken I turned away and another mommy told me he was throwing up. He spit up some gag or something, it was nothing huge, but he looked like he was throwing up, even though he was making himself do it. The friggin drama king, I swear. It was just a chimps butt. We left immediately.

Monday, February 4, 2008

I Got Tagged!!!

I got tagged by Kalie on myspace, but figured I would bring it over here, too. I kept the same basic format of habit/ goal/ random fact, but changed my answers. Here goes...

1. Habit: I always have to put my creamer in the coffee cup before I pour in the coffee. I have no idea why, but it tastes better this way.

2. Goal: To stop calling the fat around my middle section baby fat. It is not baby fat, my youngest baby is 4 ½ years old. How embarrassing for me to think this is still baby fat. It is just fat now. Also, arm fat never was baby fat. Get rid of it.

3. Random Fact: I spell words in my mind when I say them. If I do not know how to say a word because its' spelling is too difficult then that word circles through my mind constantly until I can come up with the right way to say it. For example: DeVilbiss-it is the brand of nebulizer Riss uses, but I cannot imagine how this word should be pronounced. Maybe it is an annunciation problem, obviously I know how to put the letters together to make them form a word, I just have no idea how to say that word. There are other words, too, that was just an example. I have no idea why I am having such a hard time explaining this. I should stop trying. NOW.

4. Habit: I am a pimple picker. I cannot leave them alone. If other people would let me, I would probably pick theirs, too.

5. Goal: I want to go back to school and finish with honors this time around. I want to get a high paying job with security, a 401K, retirement plan and all that jazz. As much as I love waitressing, it is not a career. I mean, it might be for some people, but not for me. I have no idea why I am looking for a job as a waitress, other than the money, and the fact that I kinda like being stupidly happy and fake to people.

6. Habit: I do not really consider myself a creature of habit, so these are hard for me. Ummm, I will go with an oldie, but a goodie. I have to have a clean sink every night before I can go to bed. Also, I do not like to have dirty dishes in the sink before I start preparing a meal. Basically, if I could train my kids and husb to clean their dishes and put them straight into the dishwasher, I would be one happy wifey/mommy. I think this might go hand in hand with having to make the bed before getting into it. I usually try to make the bed as soon as I wake up, but when I forget then I just make it right before I hop in-only to mess it up again. Weird, I know.

7. Previous Weird Habit: When I used to smoke I would never blow smoke out my nose. I feel that I would have looked like a raging bull, and also I did not want to lose my sense of smell. Little did I know that I couldn't smell anything anyways. I kinda think this is not a habit, so much as a non-habit, but I am pretty sure I had to bring up the fact that I no longer smoke. Ha ha.

8. Random Fact: I am so bad at ignoring people, I am even worse at being ignored. It drives me bat-shit crazy. I am what some people like to call "an attention whore". I own that fact. I am totally ok with it.

9. Goal: I want to be less of a walking contradiction. I am very competitive, but I am sooo lazy. If I could be less lazy and more competitive, then maybe I could become the person I think I should be. Actually if I was just less lazy that might work, I do not want to be one of those psycho crazy competitive people. Just a normal-type.

10. Random Fact: In my early 20's I was a huge advocate of not drinking and driving. I would not let people drive if they had even one beer. If we were at a bar, my roommate/BFF, Amy, and I would take a cab. If we had made friends that night we would make them share a cab with us and leave their cars at the bar, usually we would have them come sleep at our place.

I would like to tag:
1. Cassie
2. Becky Anderson
3. The J Hasleton's
4. Frannie
5. Kirsti

Saturday, February 2, 2008

Open Letter To Someone Kind

Dear Random Stranger,

What you did for me was awesome. You rock my world, and no doubt you have mass amounts of good karma coming your way. When you found my wallet on the sidewalk you not only put it in the bed of my step-dad's truck, but you also left everything in its' place. Perhaps you felt bad for me since the whole thing was soaking wet, perhaps you are just that kind. I at least expected the twenty dollar bill to be gone, but nooo. From the bottom of my heart, I thank you. You could have stolen my identity and my entire life would have been crushed. You opted not to do that. I do not know you, but I am pretty sure that I love you.

Your new best friend,
Mrs. F

Friday, February 1, 2008

Rock On, Ballerina!

Riss loves to dance. Her style is, well, it is a little bit of everything. She even threw some golfing in there. Tee hee.

This next video is the result of too much ballerina stylings.

P.S. No making fun of my 1986 barstools. They really are from 1986 and they came with the house. Shut up. The 80's rocked.