Thursday, February 14, 2008

Birthdays and Valentines and Things I am Not Proud Of

I have been in such a funk for the past few days. It is such an awful, horrible, no-good feeling that I have been experiencing. My kids have been yelled at for (seriously) no reason at all.
My husband actually told me to go back to bed this morning. How pathetic is that when no one in the family wants your negative ass awake? Pretty sad, huh!

I shouldn’t be in a funk, I mean really there is no reason to be all funky like I am. Except the fact that we are dirt poor, and it is the first time in years that we have been so very poor. On the flip side though, I know this will pass. I know that we have money coming in. I know that next month there will be enough money to make up for the money that we do not have right now. I know this. So why am I feeling so down? The weather is beautiful outside. Maybe it is that I kinda wanted to weigh at least a few less pounds than I do, alas, I think I have gained a few pounds (10-ish) in the past month and a half. Like I needed any extra poundage on my already abundant frame.

Yesterday was the hubs birthday. He is 30. The other night we were laying in bed and he turned to me and asked me if I had accomplished everything I wanted to by the time I was 30. The truth is that 30 was not something I ever really thought of as a “goal” or “red-letter” year. For him though, it was a pretty big deal. I asked him if he had accomplished everything he wanted by thirty, and he said yes, with the exception of owning a boat. I think that is pretty awesome. My husband is happy. That makes me pretty happy.

We went out to lunch for his birthday. OMG, we went out to dinner, too, gross, I know, and totally against our household rules, but I digress. We gave him his gift and he loved it. I was especially excited for him to see the box they put it in. It is heart shaped. Ha ha ha. I thought that was hilarious. The people at Macy’s actually think that my husband wanted a heart shaped box. Whatever.


He does like his watch. It is no Rolex, but he likes it still. And we are in no position to be buying Rolex’s. Actually I would have liked to get him a Citizen watch or something else kinda pricey (don’t judge me for that!), but it was not in our budget this year. Maybe for his 40th . Or even for his 35th. Or maybe even next year. We’ll see. Certainly we will never be the kind of people who buy Rolex's, but it is nice to dream every once in a while, no?

I made him a chocolate cake with cream cheese frosting and butterfinger sprinkles on top. Want the recipe?

Buy a box of Betty Crocker and follow the directions. Slap on some frosting (also Betty Crocker). Break a Butterfinger candy bar into a million little pieces and rub it into the frosting. Yup, I am hella gourmet like that. Don’t hate.

Look, the cake is wearing a halo. It must be an angel.

We sang to him:


He blew out the candles:


It was a good birthday. Maybe not as good as mine, but we talked about making his 31st birthday as fantabulous as my 29th birthday was.

Today is Valentine’s Day, and I got the kids some cute little tins with small bags of candy in them.


I got the husb a chocolate fish that says “You’re a Keeper”, which he totally is.


And I got this:


What do you mean you can see nothing. Whiteness. Oh that's right, that is because I got nothing. Whatever.

Since I had fore-casted that that was coming, and I am kinda a little bit of a material girl, I went ahead and bought something for myself yesterday while we were browsing around Best Buy (read: playing all the video games in store) Actually, I am kidding, I bought this so we would have a fun game to play at the hubs party next weekend, but I have been wanting it for a really long time for myself, so I am totally willing to accept this as my V-Day gift, even if I did buy it for myself...

I do not know who the hell was singing in this video. Obviously you tube dubbed over my voice with that of a dying dog when it was being uploaded.

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Mamikaze said...

That sucks. I hope you feel better soon. I have been there too many times with the broke as dirt and pissy life. I try to find a way to help someone else to change my mood.