Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Happy Party Day Hubs!

The hubs birthday party was a success. It was filled with great family, great friends, good food, margaritas, and dozens of jager bombs.

As is the usual, I completely forgot I owned a camera until the end of the night. I did get a picture of him and his cake. I think Amy re-lit the candles three times. I am pretty sure that with each relighting of the candles we sang again. Hey, you only turn thirty once, might as well do it drunk as hell have fun doing it!

It was a rainy day, and my main reservation about having a party in the rain is a little bit silly, but I will tell you anyways-Even though I am no longer a smoker, some of my friends do still smoke and I want them to be comfortable while at my house. We do not have a covered patio out back (yet), so smoke breaks are difficult. I felt a little bad, but the hubs is a genius and he took two of our patio chairs and set them up right outside the front door so that the smokers could have a covered place to smoke. Problem solved. The rain did not really put a damper on the party.

Good friends, good conversation, I think there was even some good wine.

This might sound weird, but I was standing at my kitchen sink looking around at all the people that were there and it made me so happy. I love having people in my home having a good time. I should have parties more often. Ha ha. I doubt that. I get all crazy cleaning the house before the party and then I do not want to clean up after the party. Luckily Linda and Roch helped me load the dishwasher and clean up some of the bottles and cans so that the task was not too daunting on Sunday morning.

At the end of the evening the hubs lived up to his promise---he jumped in the pool. Joey and David jumped in, too, so it was like there was a cool-drunk-guy-fraternity-thing going on. Dudes, it is February for crying out loud. I know you heated the pool, but when you get out your wiener is going to go into hibernation. OK, I am just saying.

I got Linda and Roch to play SingStar with me. Good times. I suck hard when I have had that much to drink. Seriously. Bombed. I should have the girls over more often to sing with me. That would be fun.

Anywho, we all had a good time at the hubs 30th birthday fiesta. The tacos were a huge hit. I have had people calling me asking me for the chicken recipe, and most of the carne asada got gobbled all up during the party.

I am debating whether or not to post up pics of my hubs and Joe and Dave in their underoos. I think it might be a bad idea. Not like any of them are ever going to see this blog, but, you know, if they do...actually, I doubt they will get that mad. Nah, I am not going to do it. Dear reader, just know that here at my home, saved on the hard-drive of my computer, I have pics of three guys wet in their undies. Um, yeah, and I found Dave's undies in my kitchen on Sunday morning.

Enjoy the rest of the pics though (all seven of them...Note to self: You should hire a photographer if you want to actually have photographic evidence of anything)!!!

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