Saturday, February 9, 2008

A Little Piece of Perfection

I get fed up with my children's shenanigans just as much as the next mommy, and sometimes more so. They both know exactly which buttons to push to drive me bananas. But gaddammit, they are so awesome. As I am typing this, my little Riss is brushing my hair, ever so gently, and with uber precise strokes. It is so sweet. At times she tells me she wants to be like her Auntie. Auntie A is a hairstylist. It is precious to see her emulating the people she admires. She stands like I do when I am trying to figure something out, also when I am mad. The more she learns and grows into a little lady, the more I recognize the pieces of me in her. She is an amazingly loving child, some days all she requires of anyone is hugs, kisses, and to be held. Just plain, simple, pure love.
The above is something I must remind myself after almost every feeding time. She gets all jacked up on food like no one I have ever seen before, kinda like we fed her crack for dinner. It is crazy.
I love her, but sometimes I don't wanna feed her.
Speaking of her and food...
Yesterday I caught this on camera.
Me: Whatcha doin'?
Her: I gotta drink all the water out of here!
Me: Huh? Who opened that for you?
Her: Me. I need to drink the water outta here.

I love pineapple juice, so does the husb, so it is no wonder that our kids do, too, but I had never seen anything like this before.

You see that pink button at the top-right corner of my page? Yeah, I think I might have actually earned that title today.

The husb called on his way to work and told me that he may need me to bring his "other class uniform" to him, but not until he got a call for over time. If he works his overtime at the hospital he is required to wear his fancy schamncy uniform, so I told him I would happily oblige.
As I was posting the above picture onto this blog I got the call. I hurriedly got the children dressed in warmer pajammies, grabbed their Leapsters, and we bounced like Tigger. It took 50 minutes to get there, and I raced the whole way, mostly because he said he would be getting off a bit early, and also because I wanted to see how fast I could make it there. Safely, of course. I figured out something special as I was sitting in the Tahoe waiting for him to get off (late, of course, it figures, huh!)...After 20 minutes of the car being off, the radio finally goes off, too. I guess I always thought it would stay on forever, as long as the doors were never opened. More useless information that I will no doubt remember forever.

Finally he rushes out to meet me, grabs the clothes from me, thrusts them in the back of my car (which he drives to work, to save gas, but that went out the window today when I had to drive the gas-guzzling Tahoe there, too), and I look at him and notice he does not have his stuff with him.

Me:Where's all your stuff?
Husb: Uh, yeah, I may not even be going to the hospital tonight. I am caught up in an incident right now.
Me: Oh, that's ok. (inside I was dying to kick him in the chins)
Husb: Uh, but I might still go there. Thank you. You're awesome.
Me: I know.

I kiss him, he walks to open Cal's door to say hi, but I inform him that they are both sleeping, so he doesn't do it. I give him another kiss and he looks down at himself and his uniform and mutters something unintelligible. When I ask him what he said he tells me "I am dirty". Great, no seriously, I wanted to be exposed to OC gas tonight, really, I did. I tell him I love him and send him on his way. I can tell by the look on his face that not only does he feel pretty bad, but he is grateful. I love when he gets that look. I heart him, fully.

So, I kinda think that was me earning my wifey badge for the day, you know what with the whole 115-mile round trip drive when the kids are supposed to be in bed, just to bring him a uniform he may or may not need.

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