Monday, February 18, 2008

Menu Plan Monday Number Two

I really enjoyed my first menu plan. It made my life so easy, as far as dinner was concerned anyway. I was able to keep to the plan, and that totally amazed me. I am not a good planner, but I love having a plan. I have always loved having a plan for anything, I just rarely follow the plans.

So here I am on Monday morning, already feeling a bit like a failure. I desperately wanted to make the meal-planning a regular part of my life…I have no menu made up.

Actually, I guess I am doing ok. My Mom is taking us out to dinner tonight to celebrate the hubs birthday, so it is not like I am making dinner tonight. Oh poopsticks, my Momma just called and said she is still sick and we will have to go out to dinner another day for hubs.

What to eat? What to eat?

I think I am going to go steal a bunch of recipes from other menu-plan Monday participants. Either they will be flattered or pissed. We’ll see, huh.

Monday: Dinner out with the folks. Yesssssssss.I still have a ton of leftover slow cooked chicken from last week, so I guess we can have chicken tacos tonight. Or enchiladas. Let me go ask the hubs...he said tacos. Tacos it is.

Tuesday: A few weeks ago we went to Costco and I insisted that we buy some salmon. The closest we get to eating fish is those yummy breaded fish thingy’s, so the salmon has sat in the freezer since we brought it home. I found this recipe, and I think I am going to let the hubs try his hand at making a Honey-Dijon Salmon.

Wednesday: I usually make meatloaf by adding ground beef to the Meatloaf seasoning mix, but this week I am going to try Alton Brown’s meatloaf recipe, which I found here.

Thursday: Not-so-fried-but-baked Fried chicken. With mashed potatoes and green beans.

Friday: Chicken noodle soup with sourdough bread. It is supposed to be raining, and I love soup on rainy days…

Saturday: I think I am going to either do pizza or a taco bar for the hubs birthday party, I have yet to decide, but I know that pizza will keep longer, and taste better after it has been sitting out for a while, than taco meat.

Sunday: I think I am going to torture the children with Spaghetti and meatballs tonight, since for some reason Cal thinks this is the dinner from hell. I have no idea why, but sometimes he enjoys it, sometimes he doesn’t. Taking my chances. Or torturing him. We’ll see.

For more Menu Plan Monday Participants and to see some cool Menu ideas visit Laura, The Organizing Junkie


Valarie said...

I say go with the taco bar. That way people can get creative. Also maybe you could find on of those warmer things to put the meat over to keep it out longer.

minijonb said...

mmm... honey dijon salmon! damn that sounds good. grill it up!

~Billie~ said...

How do you figure out what you'll eat each night for your meal plans? I think I overevaluate the whole process, which just makes the task overwhelming.

Misguided Mommy said...

HI. I remembered you asked for more slow cooker meals, and I had one that I make often but hadn't posted. So I posted it up just for you.
if that link doesn't work it is the Chipotle Lime Chicken. It is kind of a stew, kind of a meal. I make a double batch and serve it over rice one night, then shred the rest and make tacos out of it. Its got great spice and kick. Anyway I wanted to make another slow cooker meal just for you, so there you go. Hope you like it.