Wednesday, February 20, 2008

No Mas

I have been blogging (and reading the blogs of people I have never met, yet feel like I know) too much. There are other things in life to do, and I am taking a week off. I am not going to blog for seven whole days, nor am I going to read any blogs in my google reader (there are about 25 different bloggers that I subscribe to, and that is not including the ones on myspace). I may not even get on myspace for a week, just to try it out.

I have about a hundred things to do before Saturday besides sit on the computer. The house is in need of a good old fashion scrub down.
The lawn needs to be mowed (wish me luck with that one, it is hard to mow wet grass).
The hubs decided he wants a taco and margarita fiesta, so I need to get some ingredients for the tacos. Actually, I have most of the stuff, I just need the carne asada and tortillas, but still, I have shopping to do.
Laundry needs prompt attention.
Seriously, this list could go on and on, but I will stop.

Josh and I got a few minor home improvements done last night, but I am going to have to blog about that later (how it made me feel), as this blog is just supposed to be about not blogging. And the more I blog, the less I am NOT not blogging.

Let's see if I can actually withhold from blogging for that long. I have something important to say about the things we did to the house yesterday, and no doubt will have something to say about the party...This no-blogging mission could be a complete failure. I'll try though. For no reason other than the fact that I need to be more productive.

See ya in a week.
P's out.

*******I reserve the right to post up my menu, as that has been ridiculously helpful to me********

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Farmgirl_dk: said...

Found you through your comment on "Mommy Mommy Land"'s blog ....
Your comment: "...It is ridiculously addicting to me, and there are days when I am rushing to get things done before the hubs gets home from work, just so he will not think I sat on the computer for hours (even if I did)…" was hilariously familiar to me. Where to the HOURS go? The internet (and the blogging world) is truly a time sink. There's just so MUCH to read and think about. So, this comment is just a small commiseration, from me to you, one blogging addict to another. :-)
Good luck on your week off. I'll be with you in spirit only, though, as I have to go RIGHT NOW to see what new stories have been posted to google reader! :-) :-)