Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Out And About

Every year Sacramento does a day where a handful of the city's museums are free. Saturday was that day this year. Since the kids wanted to stay the night at my parents house on Friday night, I had to pick them up from there as soon as I remembered that is was fun day. I picked the kids up at about 3 pm-ish and we headed Downtown, and into Old Sac. It was a crummy, wet, cold day, but we had to walk across old town from our parking spot to the train museum. I got a few pictures, and I am glad it was free, because by the time we got in we only had one hour, that and the kids were being whiny about being there (in their defense, it was extremely crowded). Here are some flicks of that:

Today it was absolutely gorgeous outside and I decided to put our annual pass to the Sacramento Zoo to use. First there was whining, as no one felt like getting dressed and going to a mystery spot, but once we got there they had a good time. As always. Here is picture proof:

The slide that they are walking up and down is not really a slide at all. It is made out of concrete. It sucks, but the kids love it. For what, I have no idea. The picture where Cal looks like he is coughing into his hand, he is actually gagging from seeing the chimps booties. Right after that picture was taken I turned away and another mommy told me he was throwing up. He spit up some gag or something, it was nothing huge, but he looked like he was throwing up, even though he was making himself do it. The friggin drama king, I swear. It was just a chimps butt. We left immediately.


Mamikaze said...

Looks like y'all had a blast! Great pictures.

Is it bad that I laughed at the part about Cal barfing?

~Billie~ said...

Great pictures! I wish we had something close by, such as a zoo or kids museum, but we have to travel a couple of hours for that. Looks like you guys had a great time, though!