Friday, February 15, 2008

There's A Hole In My Ceiling, Dear Liza, Dear Liza

Why is it that when we are so down and out things only get worse. They have to get better and I know this. I have been so self-centered lately; it is all about me, me, and me. I blogged yesterday about feeling like I was in a funk, little did I know that the funk was only a precursor of things to come.

*****Please know that I realize that this is not an Earth-shattering, world-crashing-in-on-me, life-ending, we-are-losing-our-home type of deal, but right now it kinda feels like it.******

I made the husband some brunch a little while ago, and as he sat on the barstool filling out his incident reports and dining on his scrumdiddlyumptious quesadilla, he felt it. The drip. The drip from above. The drip from the ceiling.

Here is how it started: Yesterday I noticed that the toilet in my bathroom was clogged. It was empty, but I did nothing about it Last night I heard Riss telling Cal that something was wrong with my toilet. She was opening and closing the toilet lid, mostly because I think she was scared of the rising waters. I bolted upstairs faster than you can say “Over-flow” and started plunging the toilet. It was no big deal. A few pushes and the water went down and the toilet flushed itself, just like it is supposed to. I went back downstairs and went about my business. When I went upstairs a couple of hours later to start putting laundry away I made a pit stop in my bathroom. I noticed there was a small puddle of water on the floor, but thought nothing of it. I got a towel and mopped it up, then I moved on. When the husband got home he went into the bathroom and did his nightly thing. He came to bed and asked me what happened with the toilet today. I was like, “Huh, whu, uh” and then I told him. He then told me that he had just mopped up a puddle of water surrounding the toilet. I thought it was weird, but did nothing about it…

Fast forward to this morning. We have a leak in our ceiling coming into the kitchen area, in a couple of different spots, saturating the drywall. After hubs felt the drip he ran upstairs to find the source of the water. Apparently the toilet tank is leaking. All I can think is Holy Mary Mother of God, this just happened last night. Should there really be a leak all the way downstairs already? Crapola. Hubs poked a small hole in the ceiling to let the water escape, and I phoned the insurance company.

Yes, we are covered for this. The toilet is not covered, but the water damage is covered by our policy. The downfall? Our deductible is $1000. Yes, one thousand dollars. Goddammit. We are flipping dirt poor right now. Actually we are poorer than dirt right now. We do not have $1000 laying around to pay for the deductible. Trust me, I am kicking myself right now for being a spender instead of a saver, and yes, I know that next chance we get we should set aside a thousand bucks in case anything like this ever happens again.

As for now, this is going to have to be a do-it-yourselfer project.

If bad things come in threes, then here is the third thing that is going wrong: I checked the forecast for the day of the hubs birfffdayyyy partayyyy, and guess what is predicted???? Yup, you are so effing right. Rain. Just great. Rain party’s suck. I hope people still come to the stupid rain party.

OK, so now that I have three bad things, can things start getting better now???

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mamikaze said...

suck-o! wallow in self pity, you have earned it. go get a big fat chocolate cake and eat it yourself. that's what I would do.