Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Work? What Is That?

I am super duper uber excited. I am going out to get myself a black button down shirt. Wanna know why? Wanna? Wanna? Wanna?

Cause I am going to work on Friday night!!! Yuppers, for the first time in over three years I am going to earn some money, while at the same time working with actual real-live adult-type people. Yay!

It is kinda a long story that I am not ready to get into just yet, as to why I am working there, but this Friday I am driving out to Sausalito to get on board of a gigantical yacht that a couple has chartered out for their wedding. it is going to be a gorgeous wedding! Something about getting married on the Bay underneath the Golden Gate bridge just makes my heart full of joy. Ha! I do not know the couple, I am just going there to waitress (or bartend, I have no idea)...but I am so excited!

Can you tell?

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SkittleSkattle said...

How do you become a SAHM? I want to sooooooo bad but don't know how to start. How much $$ should your significant other make in order to SAH? How many times can I hint to him before he REALLY gets the idea that I WANT to stay home with my baby? How did you become a SAHM? I'd love to know!