Sunday, March 30, 2008

Menu Plan Monday on Sunday. Yay me!

This is week is going to be relatively busy for us.
Taxes done on Monday (no this is not an exciting thing, we owe).
I have a mandatory work meeting in Sausalito on Thursday.
The cast is coming off on Friday.
Two, yes two, birthday parties on Saturday.

And somewhere in there I need to find time to get my hair done and get Riss’s hair fixed.

And I also need to cook for my family.

My menu for the week:

Monday~ Homemade pizzas since the hubs missed out on them last week.

Tuesday~ Beer can chicken, mashed potatoes and artichokes. Yummmmm.

Wednesday~ Teriyaki chicken, noodles, and broccoli

Thursday~ The kids will have to eat with my Mom. I will eat Taco Bell in the car. Or something. I miss Taco Bell (since giving up fast food and all).

Friday~ Spaghetti and salad

Saturday~ Baked chicken strips, salad, and mashed potatoes

Sunday~ Taco bowls

For more menu Plan Monday participants and to get ideas for your own menu you, please go see Laura at I'm An Organizing Junkie.

If you are just passing through, please feel free to check out the rest of my blogs. I hope you will come again. Thanks :)

Vacation Plans

I am a horrible vacation planner.
Our last trip to Disneyland was planned only a week or two in advance, so what I am about to tell you is something amazing.
I know what I am doing in October.
Yup, I already have our vacation itinerary for October.

Did you hear that? I said October. That is seven months away from now.

Unbelievable if you ask me.

When we went and listened to the timeshare thingy back in September we received a voucher for a 3-day, 2-night hotel stay in Anaheim. And I actually remembered to send it in to the sponsoring company and pick days and stuff. Yay me.

We also received a voucher for Hawaii, but I completely spaced it on that one and we are not going to Hawaii courtesy of the timeshare people. Bummer, because neither one of us has ever been there.

Anyways…I have heard from several people that Disneyland does trick-or-treating for the whole week leading up to Halloween, and that the park is decorated festively for Halloween…so that is what we will be doing in October.

Someday Disneyland might become 'old hat' to us, but I doubt it. Seriously, I doubt it. Who could get tired of the Happiest Place On Earth? Not me. We may start vacationing to other places, but we will always be Disney fans.

I think I need to get the kids some scrapbooks or photo albums, since I am such a lame scrapper, and dedicate them solely to pictures of our Disneyland vacations.

Speaking of vacation…a couple of weeks ago I booked a mini-vaca to Napa for the hubs and me for our seventh wedding anniversary.

We will be staying at a beautiful brand new resort for two nights. It has a full kitchen, full living room complete with a fireplace; a bedroom with a Jacuzzi tub and it is super duper uber romantical. There is really no reason to leave the suite, but we will, because we have been married for, you know, seven years and stuff.

The timeshare place gave us wine tasting tickets, so we will be doing that, and hopefully I can come home from Napa a more mature woman.

You know. A wine drinker.

Let me just give you a quick run-down of our past six anniversary celebrations and you can tell me what you think.

Year 1~ I was pregnant, hugely pregnant, and I think we went to Chili’s for dinner.
Year 2~ Again, I was pregnant, and basically I was a big snore. I do not remember doing anything to celebrate.
Year 3~ We were fighting, I was working or something and I think we did nothing.
Year 4~ We were in the process of moving and I spent the day at our old apartment painting while he stayed home with the kids.
Year 5~ Actually pretty decent, we went to a fancy restaurant and paid almost $100 for tiny dinners in Monterey while our friend watched the kids. After dinner I think we went and played pool in downtown Monterey. Then we picked up the kids and went home. It was good though.
Year 6~ I was here; he was working in Salinas. Yeah. That was awesome.
Also, can I tell you that we decided to wait to take our honeymoon for 6 months after the wedding, and by that time I was already knocked up, so that was spent with me on the ship sleeping a lot while he gambled. Great times. Poor husband.

So, what do you think? Can we spoil ourselves and go away somewhere nice for once? Yeah, I thought you would agree. Thanks.

What do you do to celebrate your anniversaries?

What was your favorite anniversary ever?

What was your favorite vacation ever, with or without kids?

Friday, March 28, 2008

Adventures with Scissors for a 4-Year Old

Might as well participate in Wordless Friday since I am showing these pics off.

With all the long parts pulled back, she looks like she has an uneven bob.

She likes to make sure there is no way to blend in the choppiness whenever she cuts her own hair.

This side is not as bad as the other side.

No, she did not cut her bangs, this is how they looked this morning when she woke up. Really though, they look fine.

If you are new here you may want to see the rest of the story; it started here and ended here. These photos are the outcome. Sorry these photos are not top quality, I need to quit dropping my camera.

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Shoulda Known Better

It happens every time I cut her hair.

Not when my Mom trims her bangs.

Not when her Auntie cuts her hair.

Just when I cut her hair.

When left to her own devices, my daughter will find any pair of hidden scissors within hours of me cutting her hair and she will give herself a cutting to remember.

An un-fixable cutting.


I thought we were over this three year old stuff. Slash early four year old stuff. Daughter, you are almost four and a half. Please stop cutting your hair. It has been growing out from your last cut since mid-September. I really thought you were over it. I thought I could take a shower and not have to worry about you lopping your mane.

How wrong I was!!!

When you came into the room you looked a little off-kilter, so upon investigation I found this:

Not sure if Auntie is going to be able to fix you now.


Open Letter to My BFF

Dear BFF,

I know that your Florida vacation is only a week long, but I could not help myself. Her hair was disgusting and nasty and I could not look at it for another day. It started innocently enough, with the bangs, but when I was done with those I took a long hard look at her nasty thinning ends and they had to go as well.

The good news is that she wants her hair to look like "The new Kendall’s" so the fact that I took two and a half inches off the bottom should not matter. She still wants you to take off more.

No friend, I have no idea what is wrong with me.

Sometimes I feel like I spent enough time hanging out at your hair school with you that I kinda know what I am doing. Yes, I realize that this was 9 years ago...Really, I spent a lot of time there with you, didn’t I? I should have taken the state board test right along side you, and then the fact that I like to slash inches off my daughter’s hair would not matter.

Instead, you are going to come home from your vacation and have to clean up my mess.

Just remember I love you.

Your stupid, dumb, BFF,


Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Numero Dos

Another red-letter day in the five-year old's world.

Or should I say, another day, another dollar?

The dentist warned us that this was happening, and here we are, living out her predictions.

Tooth number two---gone.

My kid is so funny about this stuff. I love him. I think he is a lot like me when it comes to his sense of humor.

He runs in the house, out of breath with a tiny little tooth in his right hand: Momma, momma look!!!!!

Me: OH. MY. GOSH!!!!!!! How did that happen?

He: Oh, Kevin hit me in the mouth and it just fell out!!!

Me: Huh? Wuh?

He: No, I mean, I was biting on a rock.

Me: A rock?

He: No. A box, I mean.

Me: Whu? Huh? Lemme take a picture!!!

I still have no idea how it realllllllyy fell out, maybe I will get the story later, but for now he is sticking with the biting on a box story.

All I know is that I need to scrounge up some quarters in preparation for this evenings tooth-fairy festivities!

Monday, March 24, 2008

100 Things

Here it is; my list of 100 things about me. These things are in no particular order. Some of these things are going to completely shock your socks off. Some are simple things. Some are bad things. Please do not judge me by the things that are written here, the bad things have made me a better person. Without further ado...Enjoy.

  1. I hate cooked fruit.
  2. I shave my big toes.
  3. I spend too much time on my computer.
  4. I love snapea crisps. Yummm. They are my favorite salty snack. I was eating them when I decided on my name for my blogspot. Had I been eating goldfish crackers that fateful day, you would probably be at goldfishmommy.blogs…reading this list.
  5. I despise mushrooms. They are a fungus and they taste like dirt and I have no idea why people would choose to ingest them.
  6. I q-tip my ears everyday.
  7. I had my tongue pierced for 6 years, then lost the barbell at work one day. My tongue still looks pierced five years after.
  8. I am not ashamed to admit that I wear Paris Hilton’s perfume and love it.
  9. I smoked for twelve years.
  10. I used the nicotine patch to quit.
  11. I did drugs in my past.
  12. Meth was my drug of choice.
  13. I will never touch it again. It disgusts me that I ever did it.
  14. I was raised Mormon.
  15. I attended seminary every morning before school and was the only one to graduate with 100% attendance.
  16. I was the Laurel class president. Yes, I was that active.
  17. I do not attend church anymore.
  18. I do not appreciate organized religion at all, in fact, because of my upbringing.
  19. I got a varsity letter in high school for swimming.
  20. Truthfully the whole team got a letter.
  21. I was in ROTC in high school. I wanted to go into the Air Force back then.
  22. I think my kids look exactly the same. Everyone else thinks one looks like the hubs and one looks like me.
  23. I tell people I haven’t seen in YEARS that I broke my sons foot with a baseball bat because he would not obey me. Haha.
  24. I have used the same pillow for over twenty years.
  25. I own my own gun.
  26. It is custom painted. The grips and magazine are pink.
  27. I learned how to shoot a gun because my husb thinks it is hawt.
  28. I return about half of the things I buy for myself.
  29. I have hitchhikers thumbs.
  30. I carried my son in my womb until I was 42 weeks pregnant, then I was induced. Can you say "Happy little home"?
  31. When I went in for my final dr. appointment with my girl I was 40 weeks + 6 days and I made the doctor find me a bed in the hospital to induce me, because we both knew I could carry that baby forever.
  32. I was so confident my son would have his fathers brown eyes that I actually wrote “brown” in his baby book. They are blue/green.
  33. I did not make the same mistake when my daughter was born.
  34. I have a red front door. It makes me feel happy and Zen.
  35. I love exercising, I should do it more. Or at all.
  36. I have not seen my natural hair color since I was a freshman in high school.
  37. I pick pimples.
  38. And earwax.
  39. My Dad is an alcoholic. He acts like I am still 10 years old.
  40. I want to flip at least one house for a profit.
  41. I love to read.
  42. When I read a book I can barely put it down to go to the bathroom.
  43. I have considered plastic surgery. Namely, a nose job, tummy tuck, and boob lift.
  44. I am older and wiser now and think I am beautiful on most days.
  45. I still want the tummy tuck and boobie lift, but will wait till I get to my goal weight for at least a year to even consider it.
  46. I kept a journal in high school and it contains nothing important or interesting in it. Just embarrassing stuff about boys and stuff.
  47. I have pretty low self-esteem, but that is just because of my weight. Watch me get skinny and have no issues.
  48. I am almost always smiling when people are around.
  49. I have not had a pap in over 3 years, and yes, I understand that I should be having one yearly since my Mom is a uterine and ovarian cancer survivor.
  50. I just stopped writing this list to make an appointment.
  51. I would consider moving to Anaheim just so I could go to Disneyland all the time.
  52. I always put the creamer in the coffee cup first.
  53. I can drink a whole pot of coffee and want to take a nap five minutes later.
  54. I have a hard time preparing a meal if my sink is full of dishes.
  55. I yell because I care.
  56. I hate being ignored. If you want to drive me up the friggin wall just ignore me.
  57. I want to go back to school.
  58. When I went to college my major was accounting, but I failed to take school seriously enough and have no degree yet.
  59. I am waiting until my girl starts Kindergarten to go back to school.
  60. I am a jokingly considered a professional waitress.
  61. I want to be a professional something else someday.
  62. I do not have the time nor do I have the desire to go out with my friends EVERY weekend, but an occasional invite is always nice.
  63. Sometimes I feel left out when I do not get invited.
  64. I talk to my Mom everyday on the phone.
  65. My kids call my Mom on the phone more than I do.
  66. My husband was talked into buying a timeshare against my wishes.
  67. I love that we have it, though.
  68. I fall asleep with the TV on.
  69. We once had mice die in our vents at our old house and the house stunk like death. Now I am always worried my house is going to stink. Candles are my friends. So are those Airwick plug-in thingies.
  70. After nearly 3 years of ownership I still love my car. This is the longest I have owned a car.
  71. I met my husband when I was 12 (he was 13) and we made out all summer, then I dumped him.
  72. We dated again in the beginning of my senior year in high school. Then I dumped him.
  73. We started dating when he tracked me down at a bar when I was 20. I still haven’t dumped him.
  74. I am learning to cook new things.
  75. I want to have a party at a cooking place where my friends can learn to cook, too.
  76. I do not drink wine.
  77. I think wine tastes like, ummm, dirt maybe. Something gross, but I am open to going wine tasting so that you can try and change my mind.
  78. I drink beer. Light beer.
  79. Baileys is my favorite liquor.
  80. I am of Italian/Irish descent.
  81. I had braces [on my teeth] from 8th-10th grade.
  82. I am right handed.
  83. I played the violin in Jr. High School
  84. I karaoke. It takes me a couple beers, though.
  85. I have no tattoos.
  86. My favorite song of ALL times is by The Cure~ Friday I’m in Love.
  87. My favorite group is the Dixie Chicks.
  88. I do not care what you think about the Dixie Chicks. It is probably wrong, uneducated and you are going to sound stupid to me if you try to spout it off. They are my friends~ in my head.
  89. No one is allowed to talk nasty about my friends in my presence. Just ask that girl I met not too long ago who tried to talk about my very dear IRL friend.
  90. I have a dry sense of humor.
  91. I use sarcasm a lot.
  92. I like my handwriting. A lot. Way more than I like your handwriting, no doubt about that. I feel a little conceited admitting this.
  93. I read a book upside-down (correctly READ the book) in front of my whole Kindergarten class when I was barely five years old.
  94. I was a GATE student in elementary school.
  95. I won the spelling bee at my school in the fourth grade. I went on to the county competition and got fourth place.
  96. I want to switch everything in my house to new contemporary things (think IKEA style) instead of the country kitsch things that I currently have.
  97. My first job was as a volunteer at a hospital when I was 14 years old.
  98. My most degrading job ever was as a stripper, and I did it for over a year. I might erase this.
  99. I got fired from McDonalds for giving away 5 Egg McMuffins to a girl named Joanna.
  100. When I was 15 (or was I 16?)I dyed my hair green. On purpose. My poor mom. Then I dyed it black to cover the green and used the leftover black on my twelve-year old brothers blond hair and his hair grew back in dark brown after that.

Menu Plan Monday

What an exhausting weekend!

My menu is made up completely of things that can be found in my nearly bare cupboards. Why shop if I don’t need to, right?

Monday~ Tri-tip, broccoli, and fresh baked bread

Tuesday~ Teriyaki Salmon, brown rice and broccoli

Wednesday~ Homemade pizza and salad

Thursday~ Hamburger pie (some people call this shepherds pie), which is not actually going to be made with hamburger at all, but with leftover tri-tip instead. I like to hide lots of veggies in the hamburger pie.

Friday~ Spaghetti and meatballs

Saturday~ Chicken drumsticks with mashed potatoes and green beans

Sunday~ Taco bowls. I made these up last week on Taco night and we loved them. I baked corn tortillas on foil balls at a high heat, and then when they came out of the oven they were formed as shallow bowls. Very cute. We threw in some refried beans, lettuce, tomatoes, cheese, and sour cream. Yummmm.

For more meal ideas and to find more Menu Plan Monday participants, head on over to visit Laura at I'm an Organizing Junkie.

P.S. This is my 99th post, so you know what is next? Yup, that's right---my 100th post. What could be better than 100 things about me for my 100th post?

Thursday, March 20, 2008

I Completely Lack Computer Skills, Obviously.

I have no idea how or why I did it, but my page is in dire straits and this calls for the eff word.



Now I get to spend the rest of the day either being pissed off or I can do something about it. I am off to go rearrange my page.

All of my cute things that I liked so much from the side of my page are gone baby, gone. The love is gone. Oops, I will stop serenading you now.

I am so frustrated.

Luckily though I pressed the "Back" button and was able to save some of my html codes, but right now I can not find the page where I can re-enter it. It is lost in cyberspace.

I was just trying to make my page cute with a fancy little background (which turned out to be too short and looked funny, so I hit a button to restore the settings and ended up with this ugly pink page.

I am steaming mad.

P's Out.

Update: I just switched templates and all of my thingy's reappeared. I am not deleting this for a couple of reasons. 1) To prove just how stupid I really am. and 2) To be closer to post 100 without having to write another blog besides this one, LOLs.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Home, Sweet Home

I promised myself that I would write this post a whole week ago. I was going to have it up on March 12th. Here I sit, typing it out, on March, whu? Uh? 19th? Way to go, me!

Why was it so detrimental that it be posted on the 12th you ask? Welp, I wanted to post it on the one-year anniversary of our moving in to this home.

How ‘bout on the one year+ one week anniversary? Great. Here goes.

We bought this house from my husband’s family, who had this house built to their specifications. They laid the tile in the hallway and kitchen. They laid the wood in the family room and dining room. They chose the carpet in each bedroom and in the living room (yep, they are all different colors). They chose the wallpaper in my bedroom, and spent a ton of money on it. They had special cabinets built into the structure of the home in both the dining room and the family room. They also dug a hole in the ground and built a pool in the back yard. They were quite house-proud. Then they moved across town into a mini-mansion. And let another family member rent the house. Two years later we bought the house.

A lot of the things in this house are original to the house. Every light fixture is still 1986 brass. The oak is showing wear, as is the formica countertop in the kitchen, among other things.

I never really felt at home in this house. I felt like my things were living in someone else’s house. I do not think this is completely ridiculous; it was, after all, actually someone else’s home for a very long time! Long enough for all three of their children to nearly-completely mature in this house.

How do you make a house feel like a home? A long time ago (OK, a few months, really) I read a blog about this very subject and thought, "Ugh, when is this going to happen for me?" and "Will I always never feel like that?" When would it be my turn for my house to become my home? I mean, really, hadn’t I bought enough stuff for it to be less “their home” and more “our home”?

I mean, I painted both of the kids’ bedrooms…

We bought this…

We bought this…

I painted this…

Maybe I was not going to feel at home until Big Daddy moved in. Um, for those of you just tuning in, the hubs did not get transferred from his job (three hours away) until we had lived here for 9 months. We were expecting an immediate transfer when we decided to buy the house. He moved all of his things in and transferred closer to home, and still I felt nothing for this house.

No love.

What was it going to take?

Last month while preparing for the hubs party we went to Home Depot and bought the cutest window coverings for the sliding glass door in the “Family room”

We also purchased some bi-fold doors for the laundry room.

And last, but not least we bought some pretend glass for the liquor cabinet, where before there was none.

Guess what happened that day? We spent hours and hours together installing these things and it dawned on me.

This is our home.

Not because of all of the things that we purchased and installed in it, but because we are making happy memories in it. And even not-so-happy memories. Memories that are ours to keep forever, even after our new things turn into old things. And knowing that we will be here for a long time and our children are going to grow up here. And make more happy moments here. And even not-so-happy moments here.

Our family home.


Do you feel like your house is your home?

What did it take for you to feel that way? Or why do you not feel that way and what will it take to get you to feel that way?

Let me just say that I felt for a long time that we were just visiting, and yearned to go "home" to our old house in Gonzales (three hours away), as that did, in fact, still feel like home to me, even though it was a rental.

Spring Has Sprung

Leaves grew in overnight, I swear.

Spinning In Her Easter Dress

Our New Homie

Happy Wordless Wednesday, folks.

Feel free to look around if you are just stumbling across my site.

Leave comments.

Make me happy.

Monday, March 17, 2008

What not to Eat

Dear Lean Cuisine,

My lunch today sucked monkey balls.

It was lacking flavor and had the consistency of rubber.

As soon as I retrieved my black plastic bowl from the microwave I knew that photographic evidence was in order.

You told me my lunch was going to look like this...

Lets compare the two side by side, why don't we...

I even decided to put it on a plate, since the pictured food on the box was plated.
Nope, it still looks like donkey shit.

Yes, I ate the poo, and I am writing to let you know that I want my frucking money back. That crap that I ate was soooooo not worth the five points from my daily WW bank. I would like my points back, too, but since that is not an option, my money will do just fine.

Thank you,
Mrs. F

Happy St Paddy's Day

Cal came home from Kindergarten last week with an assignment- a family assignment to be exact: There is legend in the Irish culture that on or around St. Patrick's Day little men dressed in green are around watching us. If the little men are caught, they will leave us gold. These little men are really clever, naughty, and sneaky. In years past they have come to the classroom and made a mess, but this year we want to catch them.

Your family project is to make a Leprechaun Trap. Feel free to make your trap really fancy. These traps will be displayed in the class during Open House.

There was more to the letter, but I do not think I need to type all the boring logistics out verbatim for you. You get the idea, right?

We are supposed to get down and dirty with the craftiness as a fam.

Wednesday night I took the kids to Target, thinking that their dollar section would have an abundance of goodies for our trap. It didn't. We had to go to other, more expensive sections of the store and we spent a bit more money on this cute little Kindergarten project than I would have liked to spend, but I am not one to be a fuddy-duddy mommy, and our project was going to be dope...

And without further ado...

I give to you, dear reader, the first online view of our Leprechaun Trap!

Please note that Leprechauns are seriously attracted to the color green, and to clovers and gold, so already they are going to definitely be lured in to our trap. But the fact that we made it into a dance club is even better. I mean, really, what kind of Leprechaun does not like to dance and get his jig on???
We added a ladder for their convenience...

The sign at Club Leprechaun says "A Dance Club for Leprechauns Only"

Notice the pot of gold? When the leprechauns try to get to the pot they will slip through a trap door that we cut into the floor of the club, fall into a cup and become trapped. This Leprechaun trap is fool-proof. We are for sheezy gonna catch us a little green man!!!!

**Click on the pics to make them bigger**

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Make Me Thin

I have waited all my life to hear these words: " I can make you Thin".

Um, OK, furreeeeel? Sweet. So I tuned in to watch, of course.

What am I talking about, you ask?

Today was the premiere episode of TLC's new program with Paul McKenna, titled I Can Make You Thin.

I am going to give to you, my dear three readers, my take on the show, as if, perhaps, you care. Actually I am doing this for me, too, so it is not a complete waste of my time.

There are four Golden Rules and they are:

1. When you're hungry, EAT!
  • When you starve yourself, your body freaks out.
  • Starving yourself only makes matters worse, it actually slows down your metabolism.
  • When you starve yourself you use less energy and store more fat.
  • Never go in the red areas of this hunger scale again!

2. Eat what you want!
  • Satisfy your body, have what you WANT- not what you think you SHOULD have!
  • Naturally thin people eat what they want, just not to excess.
  • When you deprive, you crave.
  • Throw out your uninspiring foods.
  • Write down your five most favorite foods (yeah, hi, I am having a helluva time with this, as all my favorites are just sweets, and I doubt that is what he meant) and take that list to the grocery store with you. Buy the things on your list.

3. Eat consciously.

  • Chew slowly.
  • Enjoy your food.
  • Sit on your hands if you have to.
  • Taste your food.
  • ALWAYS put your fork and knife down (back on the table, dummy) with each bite.
  • Pay attention for your body's "full" signal.
  • No TV or alcohol during dinner, as those weaken the "full" signal trying to get to your brain.
  • Chew each bite 20 times.
  • Eating finger foods? Put them down in between each bite.
  • When you are eating focus on your food and nothing else. This sounds difficult because, well, am I to ignore the children's pleas for milk and stuff? I doubt that, but you concentrating on my food, that is a completely new concept to this mommy.

4. When you are full-STOP!

  • Shoveling food in your mouth will override your "full" signal.
  • When you are eating close your eyes to tune in to the stomach.
  • When you suspect that you are full take note--and stop eating.
  • Over the next few days try this technique.
  • Also, try eating blindfolded, you will find that you will eat less, because when we see our food we tend to pay Less attention to how much we are eating, but when we can not see our food then our other senses take over.
  • Hungry ten minutes after you stopped eating (at the appropriate time, of course)? Go eat again.

Can it be this simple? Stay tuned as I will be following this program closely over the next five weeks. Interested in watching it? It is on Sundays at 9pm on TLC.

Wanna know the only two things I could come up with to put on my list so far???
1. Chicken cordon blue, and 2. JalapeƱo poppers...hopefully by my next I Can Make You Thin update I can come up with at least three more things that are truly my favorite foods.


What would you put on your list of favorite foods?
Have you heard anything about Paul McKenna?
Does this program sound reasonable to you?
Does my review make any sense to you?
Would you give it a shot?

Also, aren't you soooo proud of me for learning how to do a screen shot? I learned it here. I am so excited about that screen shot up there!!!!!

My Menu Is Finally Done on Sunday NIght

Only a few more posts until my 100th, so today instead of menu-planning I spent a chunk of my online time writing my "100 things" list.

So the menu is being thought up as I type. We will see what comes into fruition and what gets thrown out the kitchen window this week.

Here we go:

Monday~ Happy St. Patty's Day. I would love to make spaghetti noodles with pesto sauce, but I doubt my family will eat that. Oh heck, I am going to try it anyways. Also, I think I will make green bread (by adding food coloring to my dough-that should work, right?) and salad. I may even throw in a tinge of food coloring to the milk we drink, tee hee.

Tuesday~ Teriyaki glazed chicken, teriyaki flavored noodles and broccoli.

Wednesday~ Personal pizzas made with low fat cheese and whatever we want that is available from the fridge or cupboards.

Thursday~ Fish sticks, brown rice, and corn.

Friday~ Ham steaks, sweet potato fries, green beans

Saturday~ No kids, no dinner. Note to self- don't forget to save all your extra WW points for the week to use at Kalie and AJ's party. Remember-you waited all year for this party.

Sunday~ Happy Easter y'all. We will be enjoying the holiday with Amy and her family, so no dinner plans for this day either.

For more menu plan Monday participants and ideas, please go visit Laura at I'm An Organizing Junkie.

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Casting A Five Year Old Sucks

Last post about the boy's injuries for at least three weeks, I promise.

Thursday morning we went to the Podiatrist/Orthopedic Doctor and she came in and told us that Cal would be getting a cast, as there is for sure a fracture in his metatarsal and it should only take three weeks in a cast since his bones are so young.

Any questions?

Yes, how the hell do I bathe him? Are cast still off limits to water contact?

Why yes, Mrs. F, good question, they are still off limits to water. In the hundred or so years that casting has been done there has been no medical advances to make a waterproof cast? Nope, none, but I can go buy cast covers for bath time at a whopping $20 a box. I don't fucking think so. Garbage bags and an attentive mommy will suit this boy just fine, thank you very much.

He got the cast put on and immediately wanted it taken off as soon as we got out of the doctors office/casting room- go figure, a five year did not want to be immobilized by a silly cast. At least it is weight bearing though so he does not have to learn to use crutches or anything.

Last night we went to a birthday party for two of our dear family-but-not-really-family members. Cal was stoked because Zach, his 12 year old idol, signed his cast. And Zach told Cal about the time when he had to get a cast on his arm. The more people that are telling him about their own cast experiences, the more comfortable he is getting with the whole situation. That is not to say that he is starting to love the cast, because he sure the hell is not...but he is becoming more "ok" with it.

For the two whole days that he had the boot on his leg he was asking to go swimming and I was ok with that, but we did not get around to it, so the day he got the cast on he came home from school (yes, I took him directly to school post-casting**) he wanted to go swimming and I had to explain to him that while the cast is on there will be no swimming. He cried and cried. Cause you know, I am a liar-face. Poor little five year old.

Look how depressing he looks:

**One of the mommies in the parking lot at the school when we arrived immediately after having his cast put on was shocked and surprised that I made him go to school that day. She jokingly said that she was glad I am not her Mom. Whatever. Um, first of all, he was not puking and had no contagious disease, so hell yes he was going to school. And second of all...we had a Leprechaun trap (pictures will be posted on St. Patty's Day) to be turned in, plus some homework and the letter "V" sharing bag, too. It was a busy school day. So hell-to-the-yes he HAD to go to school.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

I was born in 1978

Apparently Jiffy Lube thinks my next service should be in 1978. Check out the date on this sticker that was placed in my vehicle a couple weeks ago. Am I reading it wrong?

The image is crappy because I took it with my phone.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

My Kid Is A Monkey. Or A Klutz.

What a week, and it is only Tuesday...

Sunday the kids went on a walk with our neighbor and her kids and I met up with them a bit later...

On the way back towards home Cal's bike tire slipped on a rock and he fell off his bike and his bike fell on top of him.

He tells the story just like that, I swear.

He was a half block ahead of us mommies and when we caught up with him and the other two bike riders, he was on the ground. Man down. Man down. Mayday. Mayday. Bloody nose and all.

He took it easy for the rest of the day on Sunday and on Monday he was still limping around, so while we were waiting for the dentist I called the doctor and made an appointment.

We went to the doctor today for our 2 o' clock appointment and the doc sent us to x-ray for some pictures. X-ray sent us back to the doc to talk about the results, doc sent us to orthopedics/ podiatry for a boot and from there we went to the Lab to get some overdue lab tests done for Cal's anemia (which he had when he was getting bloody noses everyday). We spent so long in the hospital today, but it was fun, Cal was pushed around in a wheelchair to and from x-rays and the doc and podiatrist. What could be more fun for a five year old?

Turns out there could possibly be a fracture in his foot, so they booted him up and we have an appointment on Thursday morning to find out for sure.

Friggin crazy little monkey!!!!

Menu Plan Um Tuesday

This is going to be brief, since today is, in fact, Tuesday.


I am late because I have had a hell of a time staring down the cookbook, deciding what is Weight Watchers friendly, and making sure we have the necessary ingredients.

So here goes nothin':

Monday~ Spaghetti with meatballs (no meatballs for me, since they have tons of WW points) and toast.

Tuesday~ Salmon with teriyaki sauce and honey, eggplant thingies from Trader Joe's in the freezer section, and broccoli. Yummm, the eggplant was a HIT with the kids, I thought it tasted like fried zucchini (yumm!!!), and the hubs acted like a fucking child and put his on my plate as soon as he sat down. His loss.

Wednesday~ Cowboy meatloaf from Riss' cookbook with carrots and salad.

Thursday~ Drumsticks of chicken and mashed potatoes with broccoli.

Friday~ Aubrey's first birthday (and Zach's 12th) party. Dinner will be served.

Saturday~ Altop wedding, we will be dining on hors d' oeuvres there, or snacks, who knows, it has been years since I have been to a Mormon wedding reception..

Sunday~ Tacos. Yummm!

For more MPM participants, and to learn more about MPM go visit Laura at I'm an Organizing Junkie.

P's Out.

Monday, March 10, 2008

To Say Hello or Not?

Click on this picture and make it bigger, please!

Little Riss started ballet last week, since we took her out of preschool I thought it was only fair that she is involved in some sort of activity.

We got there and she clammed up and clung to me like static, but when the girls started prancing around with their ribbons she warmed up to the idea of being a ballerina instead of a wallflower and went out there and danced. It was good times. Cute kids. She likes it, which is great, since we can no longer sit in the classroom for the duration on the lesson.

See the lady with the arrow pointing to her in the picture? I know her. No, I don't. I went to High school with her though. She is a couple years older than me, and we were both in ROTC (no jokes, I really loved it and was going to be in the Air Force someday) at school, which basically means that we were always in the same section of the school. But I DO NOT KNOW HER.

If this were you and you were in the same situation, would you go say something to her?

Um, high school for me ended 12 years ago. It was even longer than that for her!!! What kind of idle chit chat could I possibly make with her? How lame is the conversation going to be? "Uh, hi, you went to Johnson, right?" She'll either be like, "Yeah, I remember you!" Or, "Yeah, I went there in a past lifetime and have completely moved on from all things childish like saying hi to people I have completely forgotten since then." Or something like that. Or something in the middle that will end in mindless chatter about the weather. Ya know?

If you were me, what would you do?

Open wide!

I hate to brag, but my son is the best patient.

He had his very first dental appointment today. They did x-rays, which was only mildly annoying to him what with the plastic crap in his mouth and all, I think it is understandable. They put a camera in his mouth and we all got a kick out of that. He was giggling and giggling when the lady cleaned his teeth with her magic toothbrush, and giggled some more when they put water in his mouth and used the vacuumer to suck it out. She even let him use the vacuum all by himself. See:

Bad news? Two cavities, both on the lower teeth, both on teeth that will not be falling out any time soon, both call for their own appointment. Two separate torture appointments for the poor little man.

Good news? He has another loose tooth (on the bottom, next to the one that is already gone). And the two front top teeth are coming in within the next year (we saw those huge suckers on the x-ray), so those two will be falling out soon, too. This is good because tooth loss + tooth fairy = MONEY!!!!

And money makes Cal a happy boy!!!!!

Sunday, March 9, 2008

A Day To Myself

Yesterday my Mom came and picked up the kids at noon for a sleepover at her house. The hubs was getting ready for work and I expressed to him that I had nothing to do with out the kids. No parties, nothing. He looked around and got the craziest gleam in his eye.

He says: "There is plenty of stuff you can do around here"

I says: "Yeah, whatever, the house is clean."

He says: "You can mow the lawn, weed, work outside, something"

I says: "Uh, I don't think so...that is man work."

He says: "Weeding is not man work."

Me: "Whatev. We'll see. Don't count on that getting done."

He left for work and I left right after him to go get a sandwich from Subway. During lunch I was going back and forth...should I watch a movie in the theaters, or should I rip up all the old foliage and replant new beautiful foliage?

I went with the latter of the two and drove to Home Depot after I finished my sandwich. I bought some dirt and some gloves and headed home to start work on the garden. You should know that I have a red thumb (or whatever is the opposite of a green thumb). I am a plant killer, so it is hard for me to waste my time planting things when I know that they are just going to die anyways.

I spent 2 1/2 hours digging up the old foliage, and as is my usual I neglected to take a before picture, so you only get to see a "in the middle of my project" picture. See, I emptied everything out. Yay me.

after picking out the old stuff

When I was done I threw my shirt back on (yeah, no, I do not work topless you perv!) and hopped back in the truck and headed back to Home Depot.

I was debating whether to get all sago palms, but went against that idea because I decided they would look too stunted next to my house, since the house is two stories tall. I did buy one sago palm though, just to curb my need/craving for the cute little bugger.

My other option was Jasmine, but what kind should I get? Certainly I should not get star jasmine, since my last ones went all F-T-T (failure to thrive) on me and fell out of the ground. I opted for the pink jasmine. They smell pretty and they are already really tall. We should have no problems keeping them alive. I hope.

I wanted to fill the empty spots with ground flowers and I kinda knew exactly what I wanted, without knowing what I wanted at all. They are the same tiny flowers I always want when I see them...Allysum. They are so pretty and they are pleasing to my eye, so I picked up two cases of those, which was 24 six-packs, paid for them and took them home.

I knew by the time I got them home I was not going to want to plant them, so I kept the front door locked and forced myself to do it. I mean, Big Daddy aka the Hubs, was going to be so proud of me when he got home from work. It was going to be worth it.

One hundred and five holes in the ground and another 2 1/2 hours later and I was done. I stood back and enjoyed the fruits of my labor, watered the new foliage, took some pictures for your viewing enjoyment, went inside the house and practically passed out.

New and pretty

My body was super achy last night, and is mildly achy today.

Next time I am just going to go to the movies.

What would you do if you had the whole day away from your kids/spouse?

Look at all the allysum

Saturday, March 8, 2008

Test Results Are In

I woke up early this morning (4:45 ish) and with nothing better to do I got on the computer and logged in to my medical records. Test results were ready. Woo hoo, finally they can start me on my required medications for whatever is wrong with me.

Guess what is wrong with me?

Nothing. No high cholesterol, no kidney problems, no thyroid nothing, no high blood sugar. I have a body that is functioning perfectly, despite the excess weight it carries.

That means that I get no magic little pill to make me skinny. How messed up is my brain that I am disappointed that i get no make-me-skinny pills? Pretty messed up, no doubt.

With no low thyroid problems, and no diabetes the only thing I have left to blame my weight problems on is me. Me and me alone. Dammit. all. to. hell.

So I sucked it up and started weight watchers today.

And secretly I am thrilled that I have no diseases.

Also, my skin still fucking itches, and the results of my labs brought no reason to light. I better go wash my whole wardrobe in Tide and cover my body in Calamine lotion, cause I think the Doctor was right, it may just be allergies *as I bite my tongue and bow to the good doctor who is not as stupid as I thought she was*

Good Old Fashioned Fun

Click on the test to take it for yourself...Have fun!!

I consider myself a lover of colors, but this plain sucks.

Um, how sad is this...really? Tee hee. Tee hee.

Umm, I am a pretty good speller, I have no idea what I got wrong on here. I took this one twice, hmph.

Erm, cool, eh?


Useless info...

137,523 People

Whew, this is a relief.

27% Geek

Friday, March 7, 2008

Hey Kid, You Gotts Ta Go.

I just returned home from the Targ with the kids. Whilst strolling the aisles Cal began quizzing me on my wealth of knowledge. Actually it was quite inane, but a passer-by mommy thought it was funny...

Cal: Mommy, how old do you have to be to get your own house and drive?

Me: Ugh, I dunno (I was shopping, my brain turns to jell-o in the Targ).

Cal: 84?

Me: Uh, no.

Cal: 80?

Me: Uh, no.

Cal: 21?

Me: Sure, that is much closer.

Random lady: Is he trying to guess your age?

Me: *giggle, giggle, snarf, snarf* No he wants to know when he can get his own house and drive.

Random lady: Oh, I tell my son 27. You figure he goes to college for four years (until he is 22), gets a good job and saves up for about five years, then he can get a house when he is 27 and get married when he is 30.

Me: Oh, yeah, um, ha ha, good plan (I swear I did not sound snotty at all, but she certainly got my courtesy laugh). ***fuh realll?***

Cal: Mommy, I am going to live with you until I am a hundred.

Me: Yippee. How about until you are 120?

Anyways, was this lady serious? I have no idea. Are these the expectations I should have for my children? I know everyone is different, but I am pretty sure that is unreasonable. Erm, 27? I am 29. There is no way I would have ever lived with my parents that long. You have to be joking me. Besides, Cal is going to get mass amounts of scholarships for Ivy League schools, so there is no way he is going to live with me and the hubs for that long, as all the ivy leagues are far away.

How long do you expect that your children are going to live with you?

How long will you allow them {your children, duh!} to live with you? I mean, you know, there comes a point when your adult child becomes the butt of all jokes for still living with you, you know.

Oops, My Bad

or: Parenting at It's Finest
or: Thank God
or: Finally

I was awakened this morning with a start. My phone was ringing.

I was socking the hubs in the face gently nudging the hubs to get the phone and reality sunk in.

The sun was shining. Day was breaking had broken.

It was late.

We were late.

After five weeks of being off track from Kindergarten, we decided to start the day off all wrong.

At 8:36 am (25 minutes after Kindergarten begins) we got a call from the teacher (not his actual teacher, but the other teacher that works in the class who teaches afternoon Kinder, who I love just as much as I love his teacher). The message says, "Hello, this is Mrs. V and we're missing Cal. I don't know if you know it is their first day back at school, so anyway I just arrived and said "where's cal?" and I decided to call all the kids who aren't at school. Anyway, hopefully I will see you in about ten minutes, if not, then on Monday morning, ok, bye."


I sent Cal to bed at an appropriate time last night. He fought sleep for 3 hours, and finally crashed at almost 11pm. I forgot to set the alarm and for some reason my body was going to let me sleep all day. Or something.

I jumped out of bed, dragged Cal out of bed, threw some clothes at him, threw some clothes from the floor onto myself, hopped in the car and had him at school by nine. Not too bad, but we have never been late for school before.

I am pretty disappointed in myself for taking him late, but nothing in the world could take over the feeling of euphoria I have today knowing that he has school everyday until his sixth birthday.

Whew. I am sorry, but this kid requires so much stimulation that I just can not offer him, and it is soooo nice to have him back in school everyday!

Back with his friends, back in a learning environment, back to school.


***Judge me if you want, I could give a hoot less. Until you meet my son you will have no idea how much he really requires. There is no way I could ever home-school. People that know him and love him very much have nicknamed him (affectionately, of course) "The Mayor" and "The Salesman" because he is very social, and is always convincing people to do things they never knew they wanted to do. Sometimes it is just too much for me to handle. Call me a bad parent if you want, but yes, I am very happy that he is back on track.

Thursday, March 6, 2008

Present opening Etiquette

Today's post is one of those where I wish I had a gaggle of readers to answer a question for me.

We just returned home from a really nice birthday party. There was approximately 25 children at this party, ranging in ages from 3-10 years old. The activity was fun, then we had pizza and ice cream cake.

When it was time for presents the birthday girl (she is five) was placed in her cousin's lap (maybe the cousin was eight, possibly nine years old) surrounded by all of the gifts and the little guests were also crowded round. Dad stood in the back of the room with the camcorder, Mom stood off to the side to write down who gave the birthday girl what.

As soon as she started ripping through the tissue paper of the first gift we all knew it was going to be chaotic. It really was. Tissue paper was flying everywhere, she could not find the cards, and by the time they found the birthday card from the first present, the little birthday princess was already on to the second gift.

Ripping through the paper like a madwoman!

Mom and Dad sat back and let this whole thing happen (chuckling heartily at her behavior, mind you), while I sat there watching in horror. I am still wondering if I am the only one who thought that could have been handled at least a little better. Don't get me wrong, it is not like 20 little girls were prancing on top of the gifts, really it wasn't.

When I get a gift for a child I always want it to be the best, or most favored gift for the money. Usually we spend somewhere in the neighborhood of $20 on the gift. Todays gift was no exception. I took Riss to Target with me and together we walked down each aisle of the toy section, searching for something that we thought the birthday girl would just love. We spent nearly an hour scanning the shelves for the perfect gift. At the party the birthday girl ripped it out of the bag and barely gave it a second look before moving on to the next gift.

I felt a little disrespected. We had to sit there and watch her rip through her presents, and for what? She did not even look at my kids to say thank you. She barely even looked at the gift.

Is this common?

Is my itchy body turning me into a moody bitch?

Has anyone else experienced this?

Do you let your kids go ape-shit on their presents (keep in mind she is five)?

Do you guide your children through the opening process at this age still?

Am I wrong to think that if you were not going to make your kid tell my kid thank you that maybe you should have waited till after the party to even let her open the gifts?

Am I overreacting?

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Flickr meme turned Photobucket Meme

I got tagged with a Flickr meme by the Mamikaze. This actually seems fun, but since I have no idea how to use flickr I have to use photobucket, as each pic has an html code in plain sight. Maybe I am too blind to see the html codes for the pictures on flickr, someone needs to hold my hand and walk me through it, perhaps... so here I go:

  1. Go to Flickr or photobucket(don’t sign in)
  2. Type your answer in the “search” box.
  3. Pick an image from the first page.
  4. Copy and paste your answer.
  5. Tag 5 bloggers.

1. My first name...



2. My relationship status...

Married...With Children

Married...with children

3. My favorite color...



4. My celebrity crush

Mr. Bob Harper :)

Bob Harper, yes the trainer

5. I am listening to...

Set of Nine in the Afternoon

Panic at the disco

6. My favorite Disney princess...


Cinderella. I wish this pic was bigger so that you could read it. It say, "Cinderella is proof that a pair of shoes can change your life" Pretty sweet, huh!

7. My favorite adult beverage...


baileys on the rocks

8. My dream vacation...



9. When I grow up I want to be...

Jack Tillar Number Cruncher Front page graphic.gif

a number cruncher

10. My dearest love...

the whole famn damily

My beautiful family

11. One word to describe me...



12. I was born in...


Merced, CA

13. I was raised...


In Sacramento

14. Blond or brunette?

Spud's multi-tonal hair

Brunette with blond highlights, or like Mamikaze said, Multitonal

15. My favorite TV show...

Brothers and Sisters

Brothers and Sisters (as if you could not tell from the photo)

I am tagging: Billie, minijonb, MisguidedMommy, MommyMommy (if you have time, or when you finally get time), and you. Leave a comment and let me know you are doing this...