Monday, March 24, 2008

100 Things

Here it is; my list of 100 things about me. These things are in no particular order. Some of these things are going to completely shock your socks off. Some are simple things. Some are bad things. Please do not judge me by the things that are written here, the bad things have made me a better person. Without further ado...Enjoy.

  1. I hate cooked fruit.
  2. I shave my big toes.
  3. I spend too much time on my computer.
  4. I love snapea crisps. Yummm. They are my favorite salty snack. I was eating them when I decided on my name for my blogspot. Had I been eating goldfish crackers that fateful day, you would probably be at goldfishmommy.blogs…reading this list.
  5. I despise mushrooms. They are a fungus and they taste like dirt and I have no idea why people would choose to ingest them.
  6. I q-tip my ears everyday.
  7. I had my tongue pierced for 6 years, then lost the barbell at work one day. My tongue still looks pierced five years after.
  8. I am not ashamed to admit that I wear Paris Hilton’s perfume and love it.
  9. I smoked for twelve years.
  10. I used the nicotine patch to quit.
  11. I did drugs in my past.
  12. Meth was my drug of choice.
  13. I will never touch it again. It disgusts me that I ever did it.
  14. I was raised Mormon.
  15. I attended seminary every morning before school and was the only one to graduate with 100% attendance.
  16. I was the Laurel class president. Yes, I was that active.
  17. I do not attend church anymore.
  18. I do not appreciate organized religion at all, in fact, because of my upbringing.
  19. I got a varsity letter in high school for swimming.
  20. Truthfully the whole team got a letter.
  21. I was in ROTC in high school. I wanted to go into the Air Force back then.
  22. I think my kids look exactly the same. Everyone else thinks one looks like the hubs and one looks like me.
  23. I tell people I haven’t seen in YEARS that I broke my sons foot with a baseball bat because he would not obey me. Haha.
  24. I have used the same pillow for over twenty years.
  25. I own my own gun.
  26. It is custom painted. The grips and magazine are pink.
  27. I learned how to shoot a gun because my husb thinks it is hawt.
  28. I return about half of the things I buy for myself.
  29. I have hitchhikers thumbs.
  30. I carried my son in my womb until I was 42 weeks pregnant, then I was induced. Can you say "Happy little home"?
  31. When I went in for my final dr. appointment with my girl I was 40 weeks + 6 days and I made the doctor find me a bed in the hospital to induce me, because we both knew I could carry that baby forever.
  32. I was so confident my son would have his fathers brown eyes that I actually wrote “brown” in his baby book. They are blue/green.
  33. I did not make the same mistake when my daughter was born.
  34. I have a red front door. It makes me feel happy and Zen.
  35. I love exercising, I should do it more. Or at all.
  36. I have not seen my natural hair color since I was a freshman in high school.
  37. I pick pimples.
  38. And earwax.
  39. My Dad is an alcoholic. He acts like I am still 10 years old.
  40. I want to flip at least one house for a profit.
  41. I love to read.
  42. When I read a book I can barely put it down to go to the bathroom.
  43. I have considered plastic surgery. Namely, a nose job, tummy tuck, and boob lift.
  44. I am older and wiser now and think I am beautiful on most days.
  45. I still want the tummy tuck and boobie lift, but will wait till I get to my goal weight for at least a year to even consider it.
  46. I kept a journal in high school and it contains nothing important or interesting in it. Just embarrassing stuff about boys and stuff.
  47. I have pretty low self-esteem, but that is just because of my weight. Watch me get skinny and have no issues.
  48. I am almost always smiling when people are around.
  49. I have not had a pap in over 3 years, and yes, I understand that I should be having one yearly since my Mom is a uterine and ovarian cancer survivor.
  50. I just stopped writing this list to make an appointment.
  51. I would consider moving to Anaheim just so I could go to Disneyland all the time.
  52. I always put the creamer in the coffee cup first.
  53. I can drink a whole pot of coffee and want to take a nap five minutes later.
  54. I have a hard time preparing a meal if my sink is full of dishes.
  55. I yell because I care.
  56. I hate being ignored. If you want to drive me up the friggin wall just ignore me.
  57. I want to go back to school.
  58. When I went to college my major was accounting, but I failed to take school seriously enough and have no degree yet.
  59. I am waiting until my girl starts Kindergarten to go back to school.
  60. I am a jokingly considered a professional waitress.
  61. I want to be a professional something else someday.
  62. I do not have the time nor do I have the desire to go out with my friends EVERY weekend, but an occasional invite is always nice.
  63. Sometimes I feel left out when I do not get invited.
  64. I talk to my Mom everyday on the phone.
  65. My kids call my Mom on the phone more than I do.
  66. My husband was talked into buying a timeshare against my wishes.
  67. I love that we have it, though.
  68. I fall asleep with the TV on.
  69. We once had mice die in our vents at our old house and the house stunk like death. Now I am always worried my house is going to stink. Candles are my friends. So are those Airwick plug-in thingies.
  70. After nearly 3 years of ownership I still love my car. This is the longest I have owned a car.
  71. I met my husband when I was 12 (he was 13) and we made out all summer, then I dumped him.
  72. We dated again in the beginning of my senior year in high school. Then I dumped him.
  73. We started dating when he tracked me down at a bar when I was 20. I still haven’t dumped him.
  74. I am learning to cook new things.
  75. I want to have a party at a cooking place where my friends can learn to cook, too.
  76. I do not drink wine.
  77. I think wine tastes like, ummm, dirt maybe. Something gross, but I am open to going wine tasting so that you can try and change my mind.
  78. I drink beer. Light beer.
  79. Baileys is my favorite liquor.
  80. I am of Italian/Irish descent.
  81. I had braces [on my teeth] from 8th-10th grade.
  82. I am right handed.
  83. I played the violin in Jr. High School
  84. I karaoke. It takes me a couple beers, though.
  85. I have no tattoos.
  86. My favorite song of ALL times is by The Cure~ Friday I’m in Love.
  87. My favorite group is the Dixie Chicks.
  88. I do not care what you think about the Dixie Chicks. It is probably wrong, uneducated and you are going to sound stupid to me if you try to spout it off. They are my friends~ in my head.
  89. No one is allowed to talk nasty about my friends in my presence. Just ask that girl I met not too long ago who tried to talk about my very dear IRL friend.
  90. I have a dry sense of humor.
  91. I use sarcasm a lot.
  92. I like my handwriting. A lot. Way more than I like your handwriting, no doubt about that. I feel a little conceited admitting this.
  93. I read a book upside-down (correctly READ the book) in front of my whole Kindergarten class when I was barely five years old.
  94. I was a GATE student in elementary school.
  95. I won the spelling bee at my school in the fourth grade. I went on to the county competition and got fourth place.
  96. I want to switch everything in my house to new contemporary things (think IKEA style) instead of the country kitsch things that I currently have.
  97. My first job was as a volunteer at a hospital when I was 14 years old.
  98. My most degrading job ever was as a stripper, and I did it for over a year. I might erase this.
  99. I got fired from McDonalds for giving away 5 Egg McMuffins to a girl named Joanna.
  100. When I was 15 (or was I 16?)I dyed my hair green. On purpose. My poor mom. Then I dyed it black to cover the green and used the leftover black on my twelve-year old brothers blond hair and his hair grew back in dark brown after that.


mamikaze said...

*I applaud your honesty* Your list is fascinating. I envy your caffeine tolerance. I put the creamer in first also.
I vehemently disagree with you on the mushroom front. You are missing out an a wonderful flavor experience.
I am stuck on #46. Must get back to work on it.

Elizabeth said...

The number of things that we have in common on your list is just plain freaky.
"I own my own gun." My kind of chick indeed!!!

Elizabeth said...

And I'm thrilled that you made that appointment. :)

Sharon said...

Excellent list. ;) I'm a mushroom hater, too, and can't agree I'm missing out. Nah.

Congrats on your 100th post.

~Billie~ said...

I am right there with you in regards to organized religion!! I also own a gun (rifle) and agree that a woman who knows how to shoot is hot, and have no idea what my natural hair color even is anymore! Actually, there are several more that I can say, "Oo! Oo! Me Too!!" LOL!

Grandy said...

That's quite a list! I should have done this, but I'm working on 100 comments on other blogs and linking back.

30 Minute Mommy said...

Great list. You could always put a fun pick and then link it to your 100 things post. I was looking for a button too. You were much more honest in your list than I was. Um- you need to get a pap! haha I shouldn't know that about you. I am envious you're not working til your little one is in Kindergarten.

Cam n' Cal said...

P- I think you are fabulous. I wish that I could be this real with myself...I thought about making a 100 list just cause and it really scares me! No matter what you think about yourself...I think you are great! I love reading your blog everyday and I hope to catch up with you in Sac one day...XO

Headless Mom said...

Here from AllMed-Love, love,love!! your list. Kudos for being so honest!