Friday, March 28, 2008

Adventures with Scissors for a 4-Year Old

Might as well participate in Wordless Friday since I am showing these pics off.

With all the long parts pulled back, she looks like she has an uneven bob.

She likes to make sure there is no way to blend in the choppiness whenever she cuts her own hair.

This side is not as bad as the other side.

No, she did not cut her bangs, this is how they looked this morning when she woke up. Really though, they look fine.

If you are new here you may want to see the rest of the story; it started here and ended here. These photos are the outcome. Sorry these photos are not top quality, I need to quit dropping my camera.


Elizabeth said...

I hear feathering is making a comeback. ;) *cough*

I love your attitude about exercise and kids! That's what I'm hoping for with my own, too. I truly believe that if our children see us behaving in a healthy manner that our children will follow suit. And yesterday was the first instance where that happened. I almost fell over.

Domestically Challenged said...


It will grow back....eventually! ;-)

(found you through Jen at juggling life)

napaboaniya said...

Your girl's hair still looks pretty all right :)

My daughter had that same experience...except! she used her brother's hair as a model. It was a nightmare waiting for his hair to regrow.
Happy Weekend!

Rachel said...

Well at least she is so cute that you may not even notice it. LOL

Simone said...

Oh my. And I though my daughter's experience was bad

BlondeMomBlog (Jamie) said...

Awww...she is too cute.

My 5-year-old cut her bangs off AT THE SCALP last fall. They have just now grown out and are a decent 3 inches long or so...maybe longer. Any way, I tried not to freak out because she was so "proud," but obviously we had the "do not cut your own hair or handle scissors" big talk.

Thankfully she did this a few weeks after her kindergarten yearbook photo was made! ;)