Saturday, March 15, 2008

Casting A Five Year Old Sucks

Last post about the boy's injuries for at least three weeks, I promise.

Thursday morning we went to the Podiatrist/Orthopedic Doctor and she came in and told us that Cal would be getting a cast, as there is for sure a fracture in his metatarsal and it should only take three weeks in a cast since his bones are so young.

Any questions?

Yes, how the hell do I bathe him? Are cast still off limits to water contact?

Why yes, Mrs. F, good question, they are still off limits to water. In the hundred or so years that casting has been done there has been no medical advances to make a waterproof cast? Nope, none, but I can go buy cast covers for bath time at a whopping $20 a box. I don't fucking think so. Garbage bags and an attentive mommy will suit this boy just fine, thank you very much.

He got the cast put on and immediately wanted it taken off as soon as we got out of the doctors office/casting room- go figure, a five year did not want to be immobilized by a silly cast. At least it is weight bearing though so he does not have to learn to use crutches or anything.

Last night we went to a birthday party for two of our dear family-but-not-really-family members. Cal was stoked because Zach, his 12 year old idol, signed his cast. And Zach told Cal about the time when he had to get a cast on his arm. The more people that are telling him about their own cast experiences, the more comfortable he is getting with the whole situation. That is not to say that he is starting to love the cast, because he sure the hell is not...but he is becoming more "ok" with it.

For the two whole days that he had the boot on his leg he was asking to go swimming and I was ok with that, but we did not get around to it, so the day he got the cast on he came home from school (yes, I took him directly to school post-casting**) he wanted to go swimming and I had to explain to him that while the cast is on there will be no swimming. He cried and cried. Cause you know, I am a liar-face. Poor little five year old.

Look how depressing he looks:

**One of the mommies in the parking lot at the school when we arrived immediately after having his cast put on was shocked and surprised that I made him go to school that day. She jokingly said that she was glad I am not her Mom. Whatever. Um, first of all, he was not puking and had no contagious disease, so hell yes he was going to school. And second of all...we had a Leprechaun trap (pictures will be posted on St. Patty's Day) to be turned in, plus some homework and the letter "V" sharing bag, too. It was a busy school day. So hell-to-the-yes he HAD to go to school.


Elizabeth said...

Poor Cal! I hope his bones heal quickly. I'm sure that cast will make him pretty popular for a while.

I'm with ya on the back to school bit. Abby's had to miss school time a couple of days in the last few weeks for Dr's appointments and we've taken her right back to class... even if she only had a couple of hours left. There's no wasting MY tax dollars. LOL

mamikaze said...

I bet he'll be sad the day the cast comes off and all the extra attention fades.
I would have taken him back to school . Fevers and vomit are the only reasons my kids get to stay home.

~Billie~ said...

Poor guy!
My SIL recently had her arm cast and told me she couldn't get it wet, either. I'm surprised, as are you, that they haven't figured out a solution to that one!
Can't wait to see the St. Patty's pics!!