Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Doctor, Doctor Give Me The News...

Remember the story about my itchy skin? Welp, the itch is still persistent and today was my doctors appointment.

Did the doctor think I was crazy, you ask?

Yes. At first.

I was very close to getting the brushoff from the doc, but once I insisted that I am not a hypochondriac she seemed to ease up a bit.

She was saying how she thinks it is allergies, since it is allergy season and all.

I was saying, please run tests on me. Kidney, thyroid, diabetes. Run them, please. I felt as though I was inconveniencing her.

She thinks it is allergies, she has been doing this job for fifteen years. I tell her it can not be allergies, I have had my body for 29 years and have NEVER experienced anything like this. (I know it sounds crass, but I was not going to be strong-armed into a prescription for zyrtec and sent on my way.)

She was trying to get into her computer system to check my past labs.

I was like, "I have no past labs."

Then she was like, "Oh, are you new to {insert insurer's name here}?"

And I was all, "Ugh, no, I have had this insurance for three years and just have not been to the doc for that long."

That is when I think she started believing me in that I am not a hypochondriac...in fact, I think I am quite the opposite of that. It took a lot to get me to go to the doctor. There has to be something actually physically wrong with me.

She agreed that I have no rash, also that it is not scabies, like the advice nurse suggested over the phone, and that I am creating bumps on my hair follicles from scratching so much. We talked about the fact that even though my new laundry detergent is eco-friendly, it could still be the cause of my incessant scratch-fests. I admitted to the fact that I googled my problems. Tee hee. When she put in her computer the itchy symptom though guess what came up for lab testing. Yup, all of the ones I found through my google results. Kidney. Thyroid. Diabetes. Something else. Make fun of me for googling my diagnosis if you want. Another thing you can make fun of me for? I walked out with a prescription for allergy medicine and was told to buy some aveeno and Zyrtec OTC. Ha ha. Whateverrrr. That is just to tie me over until the lab results come back. And the antihistamine really should make me stop itching.

I feel like I walked out a winner, I got stuff to make the itch subside, and I get my lab tests done. I have to be fasting for 12 hours, so I am not going in until Thursday morning...Hopefully this WHOA. HOLY. CRAP. My RX just kicked in and I can barely hold my head up straight. Nighty night.

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~Billie~ said...

((HUGS)) Hopefully they figure out what is causing it and you get to feeling better! Good for you for sticking to your guns!!

BTW, I'm already loving the meal plan. Hubby is super excited about tonights dinner. Last night, (the chicken salad) my son had 3 helpings!! He never eats salad - definately going to keep that recipe!