Monday, March 17, 2008

Happy St Paddy's Day

Cal came home from Kindergarten last week with an assignment- a family assignment to be exact: There is legend in the Irish culture that on or around St. Patrick's Day little men dressed in green are around watching us. If the little men are caught, they will leave us gold. These little men are really clever, naughty, and sneaky. In years past they have come to the classroom and made a mess, but this year we want to catch them.

Your family project is to make a Leprechaun Trap. Feel free to make your trap really fancy. These traps will be displayed in the class during Open House.

There was more to the letter, but I do not think I need to type all the boring logistics out verbatim for you. You get the idea, right?

We are supposed to get down and dirty with the craftiness as a fam.

Wednesday night I took the kids to Target, thinking that their dollar section would have an abundance of goodies for our trap. It didn't. We had to go to other, more expensive sections of the store and we spent a bit more money on this cute little Kindergarten project than I would have liked to spend, but I am not one to be a fuddy-duddy mommy, and our project was going to be dope...

And without further ado...

I give to you, dear reader, the first online view of our Leprechaun Trap!

Please note that Leprechauns are seriously attracted to the color green, and to clovers and gold, so already they are going to definitely be lured in to our trap. But the fact that we made it into a dance club is even better. I mean, really, what kind of Leprechaun does not like to dance and get his jig on???
We added a ladder for their convenience...

The sign at Club Leprechaun says "A Dance Club for Leprechauns Only"

Notice the pot of gold? When the leprechauns try to get to the pot they will slip through a trap door that we cut into the floor of the club, fall into a cup and become trapped. This Leprechaun trap is fool-proof. We are for sheezy gonna catch us a little green man!!!!

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mamikaze said...

that is awesome! I bet you'll catch 14 leprechauns in that dance hot spot.