Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Home, Sweet Home

I promised myself that I would write this post a whole week ago. I was going to have it up on March 12th. Here I sit, typing it out, on March, whu? Uh? 19th? Way to go, me!

Why was it so detrimental that it be posted on the 12th you ask? Welp, I wanted to post it on the one-year anniversary of our moving in to this home.

How ‘bout on the one year+ one week anniversary? Great. Here goes.

We bought this house from my husband’s family, who had this house built to their specifications. They laid the tile in the hallway and kitchen. They laid the wood in the family room and dining room. They chose the carpet in each bedroom and in the living room (yep, they are all different colors). They chose the wallpaper in my bedroom, and spent a ton of money on it. They had special cabinets built into the structure of the home in both the dining room and the family room. They also dug a hole in the ground and built a pool in the back yard. They were quite house-proud. Then they moved across town into a mini-mansion. And let another family member rent the house. Two years later we bought the house.

A lot of the things in this house are original to the house. Every light fixture is still 1986 brass. The oak is showing wear, as is the formica countertop in the kitchen, among other things.

I never really felt at home in this house. I felt like my things were living in someone else’s house. I do not think this is completely ridiculous; it was, after all, actually someone else’s home for a very long time! Long enough for all three of their children to nearly-completely mature in this house.

How do you make a house feel like a home? A long time ago (OK, a few months, really) I read a blog about this very subject and thought, "Ugh, when is this going to happen for me?" and "Will I always never feel like that?" When would it be my turn for my house to become my home? I mean, really, hadn’t I bought enough stuff for it to be less “their home” and more “our home”?

I mean, I painted both of the kids’ bedrooms…

We bought this…

We bought this…

I painted this…

Maybe I was not going to feel at home until Big Daddy moved in. Um, for those of you just tuning in, the hubs did not get transferred from his job (three hours away) until we had lived here for 9 months. We were expecting an immediate transfer when we decided to buy the house. He moved all of his things in and transferred closer to home, and still I felt nothing for this house.

No love.

What was it going to take?

Last month while preparing for the hubs party we went to Home Depot and bought the cutest window coverings for the sliding glass door in the “Family room”

We also purchased some bi-fold doors for the laundry room.

And last, but not least we bought some pretend glass for the liquor cabinet, where before there was none.

Guess what happened that day? We spent hours and hours together installing these things and it dawned on me.

This is our home.

Not because of all of the things that we purchased and installed in it, but because we are making happy memories in it. And even not-so-happy memories. Memories that are ours to keep forever, even after our new things turn into old things. And knowing that we will be here for a long time and our children are going to grow up here. And make more happy moments here. And even not-so-happy moments here.

Our family home.


Do you feel like your house is your home?

What did it take for you to feel that way? Or why do you not feel that way and what will it take to get you to feel that way?

Let me just say that I felt for a long time that we were just visiting, and yearned to go "home" to our old house in Gonzales (three hours away), as that did, in fact, still feel like home to me, even though it was a rental.

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Elizabeth said...

I have that same stove!!

The day I brought Emily home from the hospital it truly felt like a home. We were returning to it as a family. Now it just feels like a biohazard cleanup area. *sigh* ;)