Saturday, March 1, 2008

How was your day, Honey?

My body is achy-breaky today. My feet and my back. I can’t say I am upset about it though. I loved working last night. People who do not love their work are going to think I am crazy, but it is the truth. I love waitressing. It makes me happy. It is not only the part about making other people happy that makes me happy, but also I love the hustle and the bustle. Busy, busy, busy…go, go, go for eight hours. It gives me a sense of accomplishment at the end of the day. I know I am not contributing anything major to society, but I feel good about myself today. Anyone who was paying attention should know that last night was my first night back to work in over three years.

Um, yeah, I made money last night. For the first time in three years, I contributed to our bank account.

The yacht was chartered out for a wedding last night, and boy, it was a great night to get married. Not only does that husband only have to remember an anniversary once every four years (hello, it was leap day), but also the weather was great. The ceremony took place while we were still at the marina and as soon as it was over the guests went downstairs for the reception and the boat left the dock, headed out to sea. The tables were set up with crisp white linens, each with a lovely centerpiece, candles aglow, and a gardenia at every place setting. The dining room was scented heavily with the smell of Gardenias. It was so romantic.

We started the guests off with a fancy pear-topped salad, and right off the bat I impressed the other servers and my b-o-s-s-l-a-d-y with my mad skills. Yeah, I can carry six tiny salad plates at a time. I rock, I know. The sous chef, Tim, laid down a challenge before the night started. He said that he would have the food plated and ready for us to serve faster than we could serve it up. While I was standing over his shoulder when he was plating up some food, patiently I was waiting, I starting singing one of my favorite SingStar songs…Rising up to the challenge of our rivals…kinda lame choice, but it was the only song I could think of that had the word “Challenge” in it. If money had been up for grabs on that bet, us servers would have won. Tee hee. Dinner looked delicious, the guests had a choice of steak or salmon, yummm. I think we served it out to the guests smoothly, as everyone seemed to be happy…

When dinner was done the couple did their toasts, cut up the cake, and headed upstairs to dance the rest of the night away (on the dance floor with a live DJ). The yacht has two bars, one for liquor and one stocked up with beer and wine. The couple paid for an open bar, and the guests were happy about that. Let me just tell you that if you think it is fun to watch people swaying on the dance floor whilst drunk, just imagine it at sea. Hil-frickin-larious!!!

At one point of the evening I happened to look out a window and notice the San Francisco city-line, or is it sky-line? Whatever you want to call it…I looked out just in time to see the Port of San Francisco and all of its’ beautiful surroundings and I was taken aback. It was absolutely gorgeous. I made a comment to Andi (aka boss-lady) and she thought it was cute that I even noticed it. To the rest of the crew that view is old hat. To the bride and groom, it is part of the package, and definitely what they paid for, for a newbie like me (and to the guests), it was freaking awesome. All those tall buildings and lights and awesomeness. If I could do my wedding over again, I would get married on the bay. Under the Golden Gate bridge, or somewhere close to it. It is so gorgeous out there.

So gorgeous.

I love my new job. If you are ever in the Bay area stop on by for a cruise. It will be nothing but good times.

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