Thursday, March 20, 2008

I Completely Lack Computer Skills, Obviously.

I have no idea how or why I did it, but my page is in dire straits and this calls for the eff word.



Now I get to spend the rest of the day either being pissed off or I can do something about it. I am off to go rearrange my page.

All of my cute things that I liked so much from the side of my page are gone baby, gone. The love is gone. Oops, I will stop serenading you now.

I am so frustrated.

Luckily though I pressed the "Back" button and was able to save some of my html codes, but right now I can not find the page where I can re-enter it. It is lost in cyberspace.

I was just trying to make my page cute with a fancy little background (which turned out to be too short and looked funny, so I hit a button to restore the settings and ended up with this ugly pink page.

I am steaming mad.

P's Out.

Update: I just switched templates and all of my thingy's reappeared. I am not deleting this for a couple of reasons. 1) To prove just how stupid I really am. and 2) To be closer to post 100 without having to write another blog besides this one, LOLs.


Mrs. F said...

Ha, never mind. I fixed it.

In an attempt to be closer to my 100th post though, I am not deleting this post, LOL.

Elizabeth said...

I have soooo freaked out before when I've lost, or thought I lost, something to cyberspace. Ugh!!
Glad you figured everything out!

Elizabeth said...

My baby sister isn't overweight per se, but she does have some belly fat that she consistently complains about. I would be horrified if she ever tried to pull the "insulin card" to lose it. Then I would kick her ass.

Rachel said...

I am so bad at this blog stuff too. I wish I was better. I am good at computers stuff but not this stuff. I am so happy you found it. That would piss me off so bad.

~Billie~ said...

LOL! Aren't computers a pain in the butt! What would we do without them, though. I've been considering changing my layout, but am afraid I'll screw it up.