Sunday, March 16, 2008

Make Me Thin

I have waited all my life to hear these words: " I can make you Thin".

Um, OK, furreeeeel? Sweet. So I tuned in to watch, of course.

What am I talking about, you ask?

Today was the premiere episode of TLC's new program with Paul McKenna, titled I Can Make You Thin.

I am going to give to you, my dear three readers, my take on the show, as if, perhaps, you care. Actually I am doing this for me, too, so it is not a complete waste of my time.

There are four Golden Rules and they are:

1. When you're hungry, EAT!
  • When you starve yourself, your body freaks out.
  • Starving yourself only makes matters worse, it actually slows down your metabolism.
  • When you starve yourself you use less energy and store more fat.
  • Never go in the red areas of this hunger scale again!

2. Eat what you want!
  • Satisfy your body, have what you WANT- not what you think you SHOULD have!
  • Naturally thin people eat what they want, just not to excess.
  • When you deprive, you crave.
  • Throw out your uninspiring foods.
  • Write down your five most favorite foods (yeah, hi, I am having a helluva time with this, as all my favorites are just sweets, and I doubt that is what he meant) and take that list to the grocery store with you. Buy the things on your list.

3. Eat consciously.

  • Chew slowly.
  • Enjoy your food.
  • Sit on your hands if you have to.
  • Taste your food.
  • ALWAYS put your fork and knife down (back on the table, dummy) with each bite.
  • Pay attention for your body's "full" signal.
  • No TV or alcohol during dinner, as those weaken the "full" signal trying to get to your brain.
  • Chew each bite 20 times.
  • Eating finger foods? Put them down in between each bite.
  • When you are eating focus on your food and nothing else. This sounds difficult because, well, am I to ignore the children's pleas for milk and stuff? I doubt that, but you concentrating on my food, that is a completely new concept to this mommy.

4. When you are full-STOP!

  • Shoveling food in your mouth will override your "full" signal.
  • When you are eating close your eyes to tune in to the stomach.
  • When you suspect that you are full take note--and stop eating.
  • Over the next few days try this technique.
  • Also, try eating blindfolded, you will find that you will eat less, because when we see our food we tend to pay Less attention to how much we are eating, but when we can not see our food then our other senses take over.
  • Hungry ten minutes after you stopped eating (at the appropriate time, of course)? Go eat again.

Can it be this simple? Stay tuned as I will be following this program closely over the next five weeks. Interested in watching it? It is on Sundays at 9pm on TLC.

Wanna know the only two things I could come up with to put on my list so far???
1. Chicken cordon blue, and 2. JalapeƱo poppers...hopefully by my next I Can Make You Thin update I can come up with at least three more things that are truly my favorite foods.


What would you put on your list of favorite foods?
Have you heard anything about Paul McKenna?
Does this program sound reasonable to you?
Does my review make any sense to you?
Would you give it a shot?

Also, aren't you soooo proud of me for learning how to do a screen shot? I learned it here. I am so excited about that screen shot up there!!!!!


Elizabeth said...

Has this program talked about exercise at all? If it doesn't, I would add in a daily walk in the park. Calories in, calories out! Decreeing that you can eat whatever you want without "indulging" does little overall unless your moving because individually we all have different levels of satiety, and ultimately we all need to metabolize and burn off those calories.
I'll be very interested in hearing how this works for you! Good luck!

Mrs. F said...

No talk of exercise yet, but you are right...exercise is very important.

This show is a five week series, so we'll see if he feels exercise should be incorporated or not.

I know that getting up and getting moving is an important part of a healthy body, so the girl and I are spending our days walking while the boy is in school (since he is casted and can not keep up with us)...

Erika said...

I watched it last night, too, and am going to give it a try. Thanks for posting so much detail under each of the 4 rules. I'm going to link to you.

Good luck!