Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Menu Plan Um Tuesday

This is going to be brief, since today is, in fact, Tuesday.


I am late because I have had a hell of a time staring down the cookbook, deciding what is Weight Watchers friendly, and making sure we have the necessary ingredients.

So here goes nothin':

Monday~ Spaghetti with meatballs (no meatballs for me, since they have tons of WW points) and toast.

Tuesday~ Salmon with teriyaki sauce and honey, eggplant thingies from Trader Joe's in the freezer section, and broccoli. Yummm, the eggplant was a HIT with the kids, I thought it tasted like fried zucchini (yumm!!!), and the hubs acted like a fucking child and put his on my plate as soon as he sat down. His loss.

Wednesday~ Cowboy meatloaf from Riss' cookbook with carrots and salad.

Thursday~ Drumsticks of chicken and mashed potatoes with broccoli.

Friday~ Aubrey's first birthday (and Zach's 12th) party. Dinner will be served.

Saturday~ Altop wedding, we will be dining on hors d' oeuvres there, or snacks, who knows, it has been years since I have been to a Mormon wedding reception..

Sunday~ Tacos. Yummm!

For more MPM participants, and to learn more about MPM go visit Laura at I'm an Organizing Junkie.

P's Out.


Elizabeth said...

I have to give you props for going with salmon. I just can't eat it. Give me tilapia anyday. *drools*

I'm sooo jealous that your kids will eat eggplant (thingies)! I have to cajole, threaten and then finally bribe my girls to try new stuff. Why is it that you can put a weird looking piece of candy in front of them and they'll gobble it up but Lord have mercy if you try to get them to eat something other than corn or potatoes and they FREAK???

Mrs. F said...

Oh, Elizabeth thank you for reminding me...I forgot to mention HOW I got the little boogers to eat the eggplant...I told them they were "crabby patties", LOL. And you are right...they will eat any nasty looking candy, as long as it is candy, but the most delicious veggies are always refused.