Friday, March 7, 2008

Oops, My Bad

or: Parenting at It's Finest
or: Thank God
or: Finally

I was awakened this morning with a start. My phone was ringing.

I was socking the hubs in the face gently nudging the hubs to get the phone and reality sunk in.

The sun was shining. Day was breaking had broken.

It was late.

We were late.

After five weeks of being off track from Kindergarten, we decided to start the day off all wrong.

At 8:36 am (25 minutes after Kindergarten begins) we got a call from the teacher (not his actual teacher, but the other teacher that works in the class who teaches afternoon Kinder, who I love just as much as I love his teacher). The message says, "Hello, this is Mrs. V and we're missing Cal. I don't know if you know it is their first day back at school, so anyway I just arrived and said "where's cal?" and I decided to call all the kids who aren't at school. Anyway, hopefully I will see you in about ten minutes, if not, then on Monday morning, ok, bye."


I sent Cal to bed at an appropriate time last night. He fought sleep for 3 hours, and finally crashed at almost 11pm. I forgot to set the alarm and for some reason my body was going to let me sleep all day. Or something.

I jumped out of bed, dragged Cal out of bed, threw some clothes at him, threw some clothes from the floor onto myself, hopped in the car and had him at school by nine. Not too bad, but we have never been late for school before.

I am pretty disappointed in myself for taking him late, but nothing in the world could take over the feeling of euphoria I have today knowing that he has school everyday until his sixth birthday.

Whew. I am sorry, but this kid requires so much stimulation that I just can not offer him, and it is soooo nice to have him back in school everyday!

Back with his friends, back in a learning environment, back to school.


***Judge me if you want, I could give a hoot less. Until you meet my son you will have no idea how much he really requires. There is no way I could ever home-school. People that know him and love him very much have nicknamed him (affectionately, of course) "The Mayor" and "The Salesman" because he is very social, and is always convincing people to do things they never knew they wanted to do. Sometimes it is just too much for me to handle. Call me a bad parent if you want, but yes, I am very happy that he is back on track.


mamikaze said...

You get nothing but sympathy from me. Fluffy is a wild child. I had a countdown ticker this summer. I couldn't wait for her to get to Kindergarten. I had seriously considered homeschooling until My darling husband pointed out that all she and I do is argue. We would get nothing accomplished. We're too much alike.

Audrey said...

I love your style of writing. I've enjoyed reading your blog.

Mrs. F said...

Audrey~ OMGosh, Thank You!!! If you don't mind, I may steal some of your recipes one of these days (for my own personal use, of course).

Mamikaze~ Hilarious! A countdown ticker to Kindergarten!!!