Thursday, March 27, 2008

Shoulda Known Better

It happens every time I cut her hair.

Not when my Mom trims her bangs.

Not when her Auntie cuts her hair.

Just when I cut her hair.

When left to her own devices, my daughter will find any pair of hidden scissors within hours of me cutting her hair and she will give herself a cutting to remember.

An un-fixable cutting.


I thought we were over this three year old stuff. Slash early four year old stuff. Daughter, you are almost four and a half. Please stop cutting your hair. It has been growing out from your last cut since mid-September. I really thought you were over it. I thought I could take a shower and not have to worry about you lopping your mane.

How wrong I was!!!

When you came into the room you looked a little off-kilter, so upon investigation I found this:

Not sure if Auntie is going to be able to fix you now.



Elizabeth said...

Well that certainly calls for an "Aw, shit. Rest assured, it will grow back. Perhaps not as fast as you'd like, but it will grow.

Mrs. F said...

Yeah but, but, but, but, but...
it just got done growing out from last time and she was all set to get it evened out in a nice Springtime bob.

Rachel said...

Oh my goodness. My sister did that when we were young-right before my father got remarried. LOL

Grandy said...

HA! I wanna see the pic of HER after all that hair. Maybe a cute bob will fix it?? ;)

Mrs. F said...

Grandy- I think a cute bob will fix it. It will just have to be a shorter bob than she was originally going to get.

I will post pictures if I can get her to slow down for ten seconds and pose for me. Today she was justifiably scared of me and the camera. She probably had that gut feeling that I would be making fun of her in a blog. (Like she knows what a blog is...LOLs)

It is very ragdoll-ish. To say the least.

~Billie~ said...

Too funny! The pictures are just adorable, though! Thankfully, hubby buzzes the boys hair, so we haven't had that problem... =)

Cristina Mathers said...

the shorter on one side looks is rather trendy though....=)

my daughter has crazy, unruly bob marley type. whenever i tried to cut her bangs i did a horrible job. so i asked my mom to do it. when i went to pick her up she had bangs from the back of her ears forward, like a mushroom/bowl/mullet cut because it was still long in the back. i wanted to die. needless to say no more haircuts by grandma.

those hideous bangs have finally grown out and it's much better.

i dread the day that my kids discover scissors. she's only two and i hope that she never finds them!!!