Saturday, March 8, 2008

Test Results Are In

I woke up early this morning (4:45 ish) and with nothing better to do I got on the computer and logged in to my medical records. Test results were ready. Woo hoo, finally they can start me on my required medications for whatever is wrong with me.

Guess what is wrong with me?

Nothing. No high cholesterol, no kidney problems, no thyroid nothing, no high blood sugar. I have a body that is functioning perfectly, despite the excess weight it carries.

That means that I get no magic little pill to make me skinny. How messed up is my brain that I am disappointed that i get no make-me-skinny pills? Pretty messed up, no doubt.

With no low thyroid problems, and no diabetes the only thing I have left to blame my weight problems on is me. Me and me alone. Dammit. all. to. hell.

So I sucked it up and started weight watchers today.

And secretly I am thrilled that I have no diseases.

Also, my skin still fucking itches, and the results of my labs brought no reason to light. I better go wash my whole wardrobe in Tide and cover my body in Calamine lotion, cause I think the Doctor was right, it may just be allergies *as I bite my tongue and bow to the good doctor who is not as stupid as I thought she was*

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mamikaze said...

No diseases is a great thing! Minus the lack of validation. I know that feeling. It sucks that you're still itchy. I hope the return to Tide works for you.