Monday, March 10, 2008

To Say Hello or Not?

Click on this picture and make it bigger, please!

Little Riss started ballet last week, since we took her out of preschool I thought it was only fair that she is involved in some sort of activity.

We got there and she clammed up and clung to me like static, but when the girls started prancing around with their ribbons she warmed up to the idea of being a ballerina instead of a wallflower and went out there and danced. It was good times. Cute kids. She likes it, which is great, since we can no longer sit in the classroom for the duration on the lesson.

See the lady with the arrow pointing to her in the picture? I know her. No, I don't. I went to High school with her though. She is a couple years older than me, and we were both in ROTC (no jokes, I really loved it and was going to be in the Air Force someday) at school, which basically means that we were always in the same section of the school. But I DO NOT KNOW HER.

If this were you and you were in the same situation, would you go say something to her?

Um, high school for me ended 12 years ago. It was even longer than that for her!!! What kind of idle chit chat could I possibly make with her? How lame is the conversation going to be? "Uh, hi, you went to Johnson, right?" She'll either be like, "Yeah, I remember you!" Or, "Yeah, I went there in a past lifetime and have completely moved on from all things childish like saying hi to people I have completely forgotten since then." Or something like that. Or something in the middle that will end in mindless chatter about the weather. Ya know?

If you were me, what would you do?


Aimee said...

I would totally ask her if she went to the same school. I think most people assume that people won't remember them - and most of the time they actually do. It might be a nice trip down memory lane. :)
And your ballerina is just darling!

Kelli said...

Your little one was so cute. I miss my boys being that little. (sigh) Anyway, if I were you I'd let her make the first move so to speak. I have on several occasions gone up to people and started chatting with them because I thought I KNEW them. Most of the time, I didn't. LOL Just my two cents. You'll know what to do though when the time is right:)

Elizabeth said...

The girls are absolutely darling at this age in ballet! The recitals are just as cute. :)

Go ahead and say hello. You may as well get it over with now. After all, if your ballerina sticks with it you may end up at many recitals together anyway. LOL