Sunday, March 30, 2008

Vacation Plans

I am a horrible vacation planner.
Our last trip to Disneyland was planned only a week or two in advance, so what I am about to tell you is something amazing.
I know what I am doing in October.
Yup, I already have our vacation itinerary for October.

Did you hear that? I said October. That is seven months away from now.

Unbelievable if you ask me.

When we went and listened to the timeshare thingy back in September we received a voucher for a 3-day, 2-night hotel stay in Anaheim. And I actually remembered to send it in to the sponsoring company and pick days and stuff. Yay me.

We also received a voucher for Hawaii, but I completely spaced it on that one and we are not going to Hawaii courtesy of the timeshare people. Bummer, because neither one of us has ever been there.

Anyways…I have heard from several people that Disneyland does trick-or-treating for the whole week leading up to Halloween, and that the park is decorated festively for Halloween…so that is what we will be doing in October.

Someday Disneyland might become 'old hat' to us, but I doubt it. Seriously, I doubt it. Who could get tired of the Happiest Place On Earth? Not me. We may start vacationing to other places, but we will always be Disney fans.

I think I need to get the kids some scrapbooks or photo albums, since I am such a lame scrapper, and dedicate them solely to pictures of our Disneyland vacations.

Speaking of vacation…a couple of weeks ago I booked a mini-vaca to Napa for the hubs and me for our seventh wedding anniversary.

We will be staying at a beautiful brand new resort for two nights. It has a full kitchen, full living room complete with a fireplace; a bedroom with a Jacuzzi tub and it is super duper uber romantical. There is really no reason to leave the suite, but we will, because we have been married for, you know, seven years and stuff.

The timeshare place gave us wine tasting tickets, so we will be doing that, and hopefully I can come home from Napa a more mature woman.

You know. A wine drinker.

Let me just give you a quick run-down of our past six anniversary celebrations and you can tell me what you think.

Year 1~ I was pregnant, hugely pregnant, and I think we went to Chili’s for dinner.
Year 2~ Again, I was pregnant, and basically I was a big snore. I do not remember doing anything to celebrate.
Year 3~ We were fighting, I was working or something and I think we did nothing.
Year 4~ We were in the process of moving and I spent the day at our old apartment painting while he stayed home with the kids.
Year 5~ Actually pretty decent, we went to a fancy restaurant and paid almost $100 for tiny dinners in Monterey while our friend watched the kids. After dinner I think we went and played pool in downtown Monterey. Then we picked up the kids and went home. It was good though.
Year 6~ I was here; he was working in Salinas. Yeah. That was awesome.
Also, can I tell you that we decided to wait to take our honeymoon for 6 months after the wedding, and by that time I was already knocked up, so that was spent with me on the ship sleeping a lot while he gambled. Great times. Poor husband.

So, what do you think? Can we spoil ourselves and go away somewhere nice for once? Yeah, I thought you would agree. Thanks.

What do you do to celebrate your anniversaries?

What was your favorite anniversary ever?

What was your favorite vacation ever, with or without kids?

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