Sunday, March 2, 2008

Whassa Mattah Mamma?

There is something seriously wrong with my skin. It itches so effing bad that I want to rip it off. ACK!!!! Pretty much the only place left that does NOT itch is my girl parts and my butt. Thank goodness, who wants to walk around scratching their ass (or their girl parts)?

I googled the itch with no rash and here is what I have determined: I am going to die. OK, that is not true.

I most likely either have low thyroid, or diabetes.
Also on the list of things that were possible causes of this itch with no rash there was kidney disease, liver disease, lymphatic cancer, environmental problems and psychological problems such as anxiety and stress. I have basically ruled out all of those, since itching is the only symptom I have for any of them.

So yeah, I narrowed it down to the low thyroid, or diabetes and then I changed my mind on Friday. It may also have something to do with my laundry detergent. I wore a new unwashed shirt and did not itch the whole time I was working. Ummm, either I was too busy to itch or there is something wrong with my soap. The kicker about me thinking it is the laundry detergent? I have been using Tide (actually the Costco brand of Tide-knockoff) for years and I just switched within the past month to Ultra Ecos. Ummm, yeah. It is Earth friendly, made with all natural ingredients, so what would I be allergic to? Soap bark? Soy based softener?

I am going to make a doctors appointment tomorrow and push for blood tests to see what the heck is wrong with me. Updates will come.


mamikaze said...

That sucks. My itchiness is just plain ol' dry skin. Ee keep a humidifier running in all rooms. I have fold that flax seed oil helps as well. I hope its nothing serious.

dawn224 said...

UGH! I used to get so itchy in the winter - moving to a less wintery place helped.

and oh the irony if it's the earth friendly detergent.