Wednesday, April 16, 2008

A Big Ole Grown Up Baby

Is it still Wednesday???

Cause I have a couple pictures I would like to put under that category.

The notorious Auntie that I have been telling you all about for a couple of weeks...she came to the rescue on Monday night. Apparently Miss Riss's hair was fixable. And in the cutest way. (Cause as you may recall...I thought it was not.)

Introducing...the new and improved Miss Riss.

Doesn't she look incredibly grown up now?

Oh my heck. Every time I see her I think Where is my baby???

I am not upset about it, but geesh, she looks soooo grown.


Elizabeth said...

"Every time I see her I think Where is my baby???"

I have those moments regularly with both girls. I think I'll be in a state riding between denial and awe for the next 20 years. *sigh*

Riss's hair looks great! Fantastic work, Auntie!

Sarah said... do I insert links?? help mastah!!

~Billie~ said...

OMG! She is so cute! The haircut looks great on her.

Rachel said...

I have these times constantly with Max. Where did the time go? As for the hair cut-love it it.

Bananas said...

totally adorable. these pictures make me yearn for a little girl!