Thursday, April 10, 2008

Dressed To Impress

Riss came with me to drop off Cal at school, like she does most days, and we started a conversation with one of Cal's classmates. She had on the cutest little rainbow colored gloves.

She reciprocated the compliment to Riss by telling her that she liked her shirt, in fact, she has the same one. She told Riss that she likes Tinkerbell and so does her sister (it was a tinkerbell shirt).

On the way home Riss asked me to turn down the radio.

Mom, that girl said that she likes my shirt.

I know, that is so cool, huh!

Yeahhh. Obviously swooning that a big kindergartner noticed her.

How cute is that?


~Billie~ said...

Aww! That is so cute! I bet that really made her day.

By the way, Thanks for the comment about the layout. I haven't decided if I like the new one or not. I simply got bored with the old one. Most people don't seem to like it as much, though....

Rachel said...

I love the story. Yeah getting compliments young and old feels great.