Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Excellent? Me? OMG! Thank You!

Look at that. Is that not the most exciting thing-EVER???

I got me an Excellent Award from Rachel, who says, and I quote: I love reading her stories about her family. She has a great way of looking at life. about me.

Rachel is one of my newer bloggy friends and I enjoy reading about her adventures in mommyhood over at Go check her out!

Thank you so much Rachel. I am ecstatic. Pleased beyond belief. Giddy with joy. Ridiculously happy. Jumping up and down. Blushing. Flattered. Touched. Warm-fuzzied.

I am going to hang on to this award for a little while until I can come up with who I am going to pass it along to. I already have an idea or two, but since I am so indecisive I am going to do some more thinking and mulling and I will report back later.

I heart Rachel.


Elizabeth said...

But I require some clarification. Is this a regular Excellent or something more along the lines of a Bill and Ted's EXCELLENT!?
There is a difference, you know.


followthatdog said...

From the little of it I've read, it is Excellent! Congrats. I must admit I"m a little bit jealous.

Rachel said...

You are so sweet. Seriously I love how you have this ability to see the positive in all your stories. I heart you too!