Tuesday, April 29, 2008

How I Met My Honey

When I was in the seventh grade my best friend, Mo, was boy crazy. A huge portion of the school year she spent pining over one particular boy, Blaine. At the end of the school year she finally got up the nerve to tell him. They started “Going Out” soon after. Blaine had a BFF, and Mo had a BFF (me, duh!), so it was only natural that they hooked the two of us up, right?!!

The summer of 1991 was pretty awesome. Me and my BFF just chillin with our pair of BFF boyfriends. We did silly things that twelve and thirteen year olds do. And things that they do not do.

We would have make out contests, you know, to see who could kiss the longest. He and I won. Cause we can, you know, kiss for a long time.

We went to the movies and saw Don’t Tell Mom The Babysitter Is Dead. The boys snuck in to see that flick. Romantical, huh. We also went and saw Drop Dead Fred together. Theme, much?

One of our favorite memories from that summer was actually quite traumatizing to us girls at the time. Josh had a fort built in his back yard. It was actually a camper shell set up on four chairs with blankets on the ground, but who is keeping track? We spent a considerable amount of time in that fort. One day the boys were sneaking tequila and OJ, and just to be cool us girls tried some, too. We may have even pretended to be drunk. Josh, who now despises smoking, was begging his 14-year old sister to go to the store and get some cigarettes. They had a hidden Hustler magazine, and let me just tell you that when they flashed it open at me the images were etched in my brain. I’m telling you, these boys were pervs.

One song that was popular back in 1991 was C & C Music Factory’s Things That Make You Go Hmmm. We kissed every time the lyrics hit the word Hmmmm. Yeah, we were twelve. And really cool.

At the end of summer I decided to break up with Josh, for whatever reason. The only consequence to that was that Blaine decided to break up with Mo, because they made a pact or something. Whatever.

One day in the summer before my senior year of high school I was at the Thursday Night Market downtown with my church youth group. We all stopped at Carl’s Jr. to get dinner and we ordered our food, sat down to eat, and I spotted Josh for the first time in four years. He got up and left the restaurant and I made my brother go after him to ask if it was really him. My brother returned with Josh. He became my instant boyfriend. We went to the Homecoming dance together with another couple (that is a whole other story in itself), We ended up working together at McDonald’s. We ended up dating for 4 solid months, then out of the blue I decided that he was boring and I broke up with him. In my defense though he was forced to grow up very young, and instead of attending high school he did grown up things, like work full time. That was boring to me. I wanted to play. Lame, I know, but I was 17 years old.

Fast forward three years or so…

After two ridiculously fun filled years of living in San Diego, I moved back to Sacramento. I was 20 years old with nothing to do and I had a fake ID (actually it was real, just not mine). I spent a lot of time at the local neighborhood bar. I could be found there on any given night. One night I was planning on going home, but instead I drove my little slug-bug by the bar. I saw the cars of some people I knew, so I stopped in and said hello. As I was standing there talking for a second I looked to my right and the handsomest boy raised one eyebrow at me. I ditched my friends to go say hello to HIM. Josh. We spent the evening catching up. Apparently Jason, one of our mutual friends, who happens to know the bar was where I was going to be on any given night, told Josh where to find me. (Cause, yeah, he was asking!) Josh and I ended up leaving the bar together and went back to his place. No, you pervs, there was no nookie nookie that night. Just talking and stuff.

We dated for two years before tying the knot.

Today is our seventh wedding anniversary.


And there you have it my friends. That is the story of How I met my honey. If you would like to participate in the carnival, please feel free. I would love to read your stories!!!!

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Jenny said...

Aw, so sweet. This is my favorite story so far, thank you so much for sharing! You brought me right back to those 12 year old young love feelings!

Elizabeth said...

Happy Anniversary!!

Do you play C + C Music Factory for old times sake? ;)

Elaine A. said...

Wow, you two have known each other since you were practically kids! Glad you found each other again and... again! : )

Sarah said...

awwww....that is so sweet! Happy 7th to you both!! <3

Gabriel said...

Great, sweet story.

Here is mine!

Laura said...

That is so sweet! See, apparently it was meant to be.

I have tagged you if you would like to participate. Just go to my blog for the rules: Work at Home Mom to Five

Have a great day!

Kathryn said...

Great story! And today is your anniversary? How appropriate!
Happy Anniversary!

Rebecca said...

Happy anniversary! :) And I REALLY liked that story. Thanks for participating.

Rachel said...

What a sweet and happy story. Glad you both met.

~Billie~ said...

Aww! What a sweet story. Happy Anniversary! You two are so cute together!

followthatdog said...

Aw so sweet. What a neat theme.

Grandy said...

Good grief girl! You busted his CHOPS!! You're my hero and he's got to be one patient man. Glad you got it right the 3rd time around. Um...oh yeah...and you made me feel old with the whole 7th grade in 1991. Blech!

Kenna said...

WOW! Awesome story. And the jr. high stuff was hilarious. Reminded me of myself in j.h. thinking I was soooo cool for making out, etc. LOL