Wednesday, April 23, 2008

I Am At The Bottom Of My Game Today

My body is making a plethora of noises.

I know.

I am a sight, let me tell you.

Last night my husband was taking my temperature and getting mad at me because I would not close my mouth around the thermometer. Hellloooo. I couldn't close my mouth because then I would not be able to breath.

My temperature at 10pm last night was 102. I was furrreezing.

Seven hours later it was exactly the same.

Seven hours after that it was a ridiculously low 96.1. My normal body temperature is 97.1

I am kinda glad I had a fever, because honestly, I am not sure that the hubs actually believed I was sick. Don't get mad at him. He is just not used to me being sick. It rarely ever happens, and when it does happen, it is dramatic.

OK, so back to the noises. There is a hacking cough. Sniffle snarfles. And the moaning. Oh the moaning. I can not help it. It is better that the uncontrollable crying I was experiencing last night. *cough cough* *snarfle sniffle* *hack hack* *cry cry*. Pleasant, right?

I need some Chloraseptic and Ny-Quil and possibly another nap. The only problem with my naps is that every time I wake up from one of them it seems that something else is wrong with me. My throat is freakishly raw from this last nap. Maybe I should have a Hot Toddy, too.

The hubs took a sick day today, because he was pretty sure that my Momming was not going to be top-notch today, and has spent the day hanging with the kids while I spent the day napping. I am so thankful for him doing that. He makes me so happy.

Speaking of happy. Guess what arrived today? My winnings from Mamikaze. I think there is about 50 children's books and my kids are going ape-shit about it. What a perfect day for them to receive this. I do not have the energy to take pictures, upload them, and post them so those will have to come later.

Alright y'all it is time for me to take some more medicine and hit the hay.


Misguided Mommy said...

snarfles...that is a great word

Grandy said...

OMG!! I hope you are feeling MUCH better soon!

When you're up to it, I have an award waiting for you over at my site. ;)

Elizabeth said...

I sure hope you're feeling better today!

Sarah said...

Yikes...that makes 4 people now from the party that are sick or have been sick. What the feezy was in the water??

Rachel said...

I hope you feel better. They actually say that fevers are good because it means you pushed out the sickness fast. Good job, if not they linger. Cold stink. feel better

Kris said...

I'm sorry you're sick! At least you don't have lice!

Well, that wasn't a very good transition, was it? You one the free sample at my blog. :) If you send along your address to, I'll get it right out to you. (And hope that you never need it!)

~Billie~ said...

((HUGS)) I hope your feeling better! Hope noone else in the family gets it either! Get well soon.

Rebecca said...

You poor thing! :( I hope you feel better soon.

Rebecca said...

By the way, my anniversary is on the "How I Met My Honey" day, too. How many years will you have been married? It's our second.